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Hey lads and loves my name is Christy Henderson I am British but I was adopted and I moved back to America. But I am on a search.


20. Back Home/Goodbyes

Niall's POV

"Ok mates time to pack we have to go on tour and we want to be ready." I say, hating that I have to say that sentence. We all start packing Alexis helping me, Christy helping Lou, Garriyn helping Harry, Shyann helping Liam, and Perrie helping Zayn. "Christy I need to talk to you." I say and her and I go to the kitchen.

"What?" She asks, looking worried and I put my hand on her arm.

"Take care of mum until we get back." I say and she nods and a tear rolls down her face. I wipe it away and I hug her. We go back and I finish packing first then Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Harry. Me and Alexis go into my room in Liam's flat and we make out and we spend the rest of our time together.

Harry's POV

"I'm gonna miss you love." I say to Garriyn and she kisses me.

"I am gonna miss you so much too!" She says and I smile.

"Why don't you come with me?" I ask and she looks at me.

"Well I need to be here with Christy and Alexis." She says and I shake my head.

"They can take care of themselves." I say and she sighs.

"I don't know." She says and I kiss her neck.

"Please cupcake, for me." I say and I give her my puppy dog face.

"Ok!" She says and I smile and I help her pack.


"I don't want you to leave." I say and Lou sighs.

"I know I don't want to go, you know how management is." He says and I nod and I walk over and I hug him and the tears start to fall.

"You will be gone for months!" I say and he kisses my head and hugs me tight.

"I know and I want you to come but you can't." He says and I nod.

"I know and I want to come but I want to make sure my mum and dad are okay." I say and he kisses my forehead.

"They will be if you are the one helping them." He says and I smile and look up at him and he gets a sad look on his face.

"No don't!" I say and he looks away from me and I kiss his cheek.

"I don't like seeing you cry." He says and looks back at me, a tear falling down his cheek.

"I'm sorry, I can't help it." I say and I wipe away his tear and I kiss him.

Liam's POV

"So am I coming?" Shyann asks me and I nod and I smile at her.

"Yes of course, I can't leave my girl behind." I say and she giggles and kisses me.

"Yay!" She says and kisses me again and I give her the present I bought for her. "What is this?" She asks.

"Open it." I say and smile.

"Ok." She says and opens it and inside is a blue heart necklace with our initials carved into it. "It's beautiful!!" She says and I smile and kiss her.

"Just for you." I say and she smiles and we kiss some more.


"Knock knock." Alexis says and I look over at her. "Am I interrupting?" She asks and I shake my head.

"No we are just laying here." I say and she nods.

"Well guess who gets to go on tour with the lads." She says and points to herself.

"That's great." I say with fake enthusiasm.

"I can stay if you want me to." She says and I shake my head.

"No it's fine, have fun." I say and smile and Louis rubs my back.

"Thanks and Louis we are leaving in an hour." She says and I feel him nod and she leaves.

"Are you ready?" I ask Louis and I look up at him.

"Yeah for the tour to be over." He says and I smile and I run my hand through his hair and I pet it.

"It hasn't even began babe." I say and he sighs and I kiss him.

1 Hour Later

Me and Louis walk out of our room, holding hands and he looks at me and I look at him. Everyone is at the door and waiting.

"I guess we only have to say goodbye to you." Zayn says and hugs me and I hug him tight.

"I will see you when I get back." Perrie says and hugs me and I hug her tight.

"We will miss you!" Alexis and Garriyn say at the same time and they both hug me.

"Don't miss me too much love." Harry says and I smile and I hug him.

"Text me or call me." Shyann says and I smile and I hug her.

"Don't mess up my house." Liam says and smiles and I hug him, close to tears. Then it comes to Niall.

"Take care of mum and call me if something happens." He says and I nod and he hugs me and I cry on his shoulder. "I will miss you." He whispers in my ear and I hug him tight. He lets go and I smile at him and then I turn to Louis.

"I love you and I will miss you and I will see you when I get back but call me every night." He says and I nod and I kiss him and hug him.

The tour bus pulls up and I wave at everyone in the bus and I close the door as they drive off and I go and sit on the couch and I start to cry. This is gonna be a hard couple months.

Authors Note

How was this chapter? Do you think something will happen? Well I will be updating soon and that is me in the picture of the cover of this Movella.


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