You Don't Know Me

*3 weeks later*

I heard a Baby cry.......A laugh.....then I felt the bed shift.......I saw the ceiling, then a brown eyed black hair boy in my face.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" he said and jumped off the bed.


9. Zayn...Jasmine...and the real bitch.


Niall said as we finished the dishes and went to bed I found my way to my room I crawled in bed and laid down It was a Long day I closed my eyes and began drifting off

I was Back in that dream I looked at Jack as he came closer Zayn grabbed my hand and pulled me out the way  Jack pulled a knife out  and tried to attack Zayn I jumped in the way so much Blood was gone I started crying when Zayn fought Jack I was bleeding so much so much Pain


I was walking around the house then I saw Holly's Pills they didn't look used I went to find Holly she was in her bed she was crying in her sleep and holding her stomach I touched her forehead and she was boiling 

"Holly." I said I grabbed her and Hugged her She woke up

"Zayn?" she said

"yea" she hugged me tight and cried so much soon she calmed down and looked at me

"Zayn is this a dream?" she asked

"No it's not" I told her


I thought this was the dream coming here with Josh falling for Zayn having amazayn friends Just being here was the dream and then having Zayn was the best part He was there for me everything about him was wonderful I didn't deserve him he needed better then me he crawled on my bed 

"Holly...I-I I um lo-" I put my finger at  his mouth

"Don't worry I know" I smiled he looked shocked

"No you don't Holly" I nodded

"yes I do"

"Holly I'm in love with you" he said I blushed and kissed him

"I'm in love with you too" I said  then he pulled away from me and grabbed something  he came back to me and popped a pill in my mouth I swallowed

"thanks" I said

"no problem" He said we laid theere talking for awhile then I cuddled in his arms and fell asleep  my dream was much more pleasant now

I woke up to lips on mine  I blushed and kissed back he pulled back and smiled

"morning Holly ready to go to school?" I got up and pouted

"I guess" I said and went upstairs to change  I put on some skinny jeans and a black and grey sequenced  tank top  and came out the room Zayn was there again he grabbed my hand and we walked downstairs  I went to the Kitchen Harry was dressed but Zayn was still holding my hand Harry laughed

"So Zayn you finally made a move " Harry said

"I guess you can say that" Zayn said and Passed me off to Harry  I turned to Zayn and pecked his lips 

"Bye Holly" he said

"Bye Zanie" I said laughing Me and Harry Left today he didn't hold my hand because of Zayn I guess or something else I don't know

"So Holly when you going to tell Josh?" Harry asked I froze in thought

"Shit Josh I forgot about him" I said Harry looked upset in me

"Holly you don't Have to curse to get your point across" He said

"Sorry Hazza" I said 

We got to school and Jasmine didn't care if Harry was with me she walked up to me still I froze

"Hey Holly can we talk?" she asked

"sure I guess" I said Harry looked at me with caution and we walk away from Harry

"look Holly I'm sorry" I was scared when she began but then I got confused

"wait what your Sorry?" I said  she nodded

"Look I never wanted to be mean to you somebody else forced me to please understand I never meant any harm" she said I stood there in shock

"who told you to be mean to me?" I asked she didn't say anything

"who told you?" she looked at me

"um it was Natalie" she said I stood there angry I thought me and Nat were best friends but really it's been Natalie hurting me the whole time

"I don't know if we can be BFF's but maybe we can try" I told her and walked back over to Harry

"let's go I need to take care of something" I told Harry and Began walking

Natalie was going to get a piece of my fucked up mind!


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