You Don't Know Me

*3 weeks later*

I heard a Baby cry.......A laugh.....then I felt the bed shift.......I saw the ceiling, then a brown eyed black hair boy in my face.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" he said and jumped off the bed.


17. Zayn Don't go!.......

My stomach groaned  Harry Noticed

"Holly?" Harry looked shocked and scared

"Me and Zayn..We" I started crying Harry put his hand on my stomach and was at his bed instantly he had a worry-some look on his face

"Harry? Is it possible That my mom didn't plan to have us in the hospit-"

"wait" Harry said pulling me off the door and opening it Quinn fell in

"Quinn?" I said  he looked at my scared

"Yo-your carrying his baby?" he asked shocked

"Quinn look it was before she knew anything but if it really is a being inside her then it will grow incredible fast  Right now we have to train your powers so you both can control them...Lets go!" Harry said leaving me and Quinn jumped to our feet  I reached my Hand out for him

"ready?" I said he smiled at me

"yea" we walked out I heard Zayn groan and get up

"Holly?" he said I broke me and Quinn's Hand and ran to Zayn and Hugged him I really missed him we hugged for awhile then Harry came down

"Let's go Holly!" I broke our hug and started to walk toward Harry Zayn grabbed my arm

"Whats going on?" he asked

"Zayn don't worry I'll be fi-" I felt my stomach groan again and I bent down

"Holly?! What is going on?!" Zayn freaked out as I laid down on the couch

Harry looked at me as if asking if he could tell him

"somewhere else please" I said lying down as Quinn came and rubbed my stomach

"Is it really a baby in there?" he asked  I nodded and then Josh came downstairs and saw us he froze in surprise

"Holly..." Josh's eyes teared up  Quinn left the room as Josh came toward me

"Holly I want you to know that you are just like your mother" he said pain in his eyes

"What do you mean?" I asked

"you like her is a twin and you both fell for a mortal" he said

"Mom was a twin?" I asked he nodded then I realized what Josh was telling me

"your Mommy's twin brother" I said crying I started to remember things I didn't know I knew

"Josh didn't daddy use to visit me in the foster home?" I asked he nodded

"Why didn't I remember him?" I asked

"Because the girl of the Twins losses her memory's of her parents unlike the boy who can remember every detail" he said I smiled at him but it faded when I felt movement in my stomach

"AH!" I screamed and fell off the couch extending my hands in front of me then I heard footsteps Josh's face went into shock as well as Quinn and Zayn's

Zayn also had tears in his eyes I was looking at them for so long he turned away from me

"I'll be back later" he said grabbed his jacket and walked out

"Zayn" I said softly I slowly slipped to sleep

I was running fast I couldn't stop if I did I would be killed I couldn't leave Zayn I couldn't leave Quinn I couldn't leave like mother I had to stop this chain of deaths like mother like grandma like every girl I had to leave as fast as I could to protect my babies and Zayn then I saw him "Holly hurry! come quick!" My dad said as he reached his hand out then I tried to grab it but it inched farther away every time then I fell and everything went red "Is this blood?"

I gasped for air as my eyes flew open and I sat up I was in Zayn's bed 

"Zayn do you Hate me?" I started to ask random questions that would never be answered

"Are you scared of me now that you know what I am? Where did you go? Will you be here for me?" I began crying

"Did my family secrets break your heart? Am I the reason you want to run? Do you still love me? Will you ever come back?" I tried to cry it out but nothing came out then I felt like I couldn't do anything I felt like I  was starving and my body stared to tare my muscles apart for energy  then I wobbled out the room I couldn't speak every time I opened my mouth it felt like I lose another muscle I looked down and saw my stomach had grown

"Help" I said finally in seconds Harry was at my side

"Holly?" I looked up and saw Zayn he was drenched in water then I felt my body shifted and I was down stairs in the kitchen Zayn quickly followed behind he soon had tears in his eyes Harry had sat me on the counter and went to work on something I wiped Zayn's tears away and smiled weakly at him

Then Josh came in the Kitchen very shocked but not because of me

"somebody is here for you,Holly" he said and then came he came in my face went into shock


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