You Don't Know Me

*3 weeks later*

I heard a Baby cry.......A laugh.....then I felt the bed shift.......I saw the ceiling, then a brown eyed black hair boy in my face.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" he said and jumped off the bed.


21. What happened?

I woke up to a huge tummy and a headache 'Running in the freezing Snow without clothes wasn't A Smart-ass Idea' I thought then Zayn got up

"Morning princess" I smiled and rested my head on his chest

" Let's just watch TV today" I nodded and he turned on the TV


"You OK Babe?" I blushed then looked at him he was worried

"Yea I'm fine.... What happened yesterday Zayn?" I asked and he froze

"Zayn what happen to Jack? What happened when I blacked out?" his face went to confusion

" Holly you never blackout you were in shock and started to freeze to Death Harry and the boys came and they told me to get you out of there but before we left I w-watched...... Jack he um" I understood

"Good his Bitch ass deserved it" I said but Zayn was still serious

"Holly...Jack isn't Dead. It's......"

I froze

"It's Quinn"

"What Happened?" I asked as the tears began 

"Calm Down he is only in a critical state Harry Louis and Eleanor are working on bringing him back to health but his body is refusing the medicine all we can do is pray" He said I cried softly and the saddest part of the Movie when Josh walked in 

"Hey Kiddo How are you?" he asked 

"Really were back to that Nickname" I laughed trying to hide my tears which worked really fast

"Sorry Hols" He said patting my head

"It's cool" I told him

"Ok the boys and I are going out you two going to be ok?" he asked I nodded and then he left Zayn turned me around to face him then he hugged me

"Holly. I'm Sorry" he said I pulled away and kissed his cheek then we watch more TV pitch perfect came on and we watched it together Zayn started humming  to all the songs

~~Movie Ends~~

"you hungry Holly?" Zayn asked standing up I reached my hands out

"Sure" he lifted me and we went downstairs I got to the kitchen then I felt the Pain I clutched the Kitchen counter and place my other hand on my stomach in pain Zayn rushed over

"HOLLY!" he held me up his eyes widened

"Oh no" he whispered

"Whats Happening?" I asked he just moved me to the couch and laid me down he left then came back with water he called someone and walked out the room

"AH!" more pain Zayn rushed in

"Ok...Ok...yea....Ok" he hung up on the phone

"Holly I need you to take deep breathes I'll be right back" he said I did as told

Zayn came back in he looked sad

"Zayn?" I asked he turned and walked away

"Zayn!?" I yelled but Harry came running in


"Shh" he said I just looked around confused Harry and Louis were doing a lot of things I started crying when the pain worsened  I closed my eyes Zayn came in and sat next to me he grabbed my hand I smiled

I felt the power growing inside me it was uncontrollable the birth of the children was coming faster than it should be and I was became ill with these powers kicking in and the Baby's coming I was exposed 

"Holly stay Calm breathe and push" I heard His Voice say I smiled and felt a lot better

"If I don't make it Stay Strong and protect our kids..... Promise?" He laughed and Kissed me

"I promise"

I fell into a sweet slumber soon


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