You Don't Know Me

*3 weeks later*

I heard a Baby cry.......A laugh.....then I felt the bed shift.......I saw the ceiling, then a brown eyed black hair boy in my face.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" he said and jumped off the bed.


5. The Present!

"hey kid-Hols"

josh said and walked in he came by my bed and sat down

"hey Josh" I said he looked worried 

"I'm fine don't worry" I told him he nodded and hugged me Then he got up and walk out the door

"you coming?"

"wha-where?" I asked but he had left already I jump up and changed Because I was still in my clothes from earlier,I wasn't sticky though I cleaned up already, I changed into a blue faded white dress and a white beanie I ran down the stairs and bumped into Zayn and fell down 

My dress flew up and he saw my underwear

"interesting polka-dots" he said and laughed I got up quickly and became red in the face I walked away

"dick-head" I whisper to I thought myself

"thanks for the nickname" he said and I continued walking becoming more red I walked into the living room to see Josh and the boys and a mountain of presents

"what's this?" I pointed to the mountain

"presents for you and Niall" the curly haired one said

"but first you gotta met the guys" Josh said and he turn to one of the boys the boy turned to him and looked at him everyone else started randomly laughing I stood there in the door way

"hey polka-dots " I heard someone whisper in my ear I knew who it was and turned around he had his arm holding him up

"can you not call me that?" I asked then I relized how close he was to my face he noticed too and moved closer

"why should I?" I turned red 

"b-because i-its not funny" I said he laughed and walked in the living room 'what a the fuck just happened?' I asked myself

"Hols,come on" Josh said I turned back to him and saw Zayn staring at me

"coming" I told Josh I walked over and sat down by Josh sadly on the other side was Zayn

"So boys introduce yourself" Josh told them and point to one of them

"I'm Liam" he said and they went on




"and we already met" Zayn smirked

"Ok then now you know the boys time for presents" Josh said

"YEAAA!" Niall screamed I laughed 

The gifts started  first Harry handed me and Niall the biggest two boxes

"these are from me" Me and Niall ripped the wrapping paper off  I got a new outfit and beanie

"Aw thanks harry" I smiled and looked at Niall freaking out he got a really REALLY small frigde

"OMG thanks harry your the best dude" he hugged harry I laughed

"My turn" Liam said he pulled two boxes the same size out  and handed it to us we opened them and they were new IPhone 4S's  and a case Niall's case had a shamrock on it  and mine had neon colors I smiled wide as well as Niall

"thanks" me and Niall said 

"me next!" Louis screamed a little he handed me a box and Niall a medium box thing Niall opened his quickly and saw it was a meal from nando's his reaction made me laugh very hard he opened the box and went to the kitchen and he came back with hot food  on a plate and started eating  I opened my present it was a pair of new sneakers that match my outfit harry gave me

"my turn" Zayn said behind me I jumped a little as he got up and handed me a small box and Niall a envolope I opened  the box it was a sapphire necklace

"my birthstone" I was shocked but very happy I looked at him I couldn't help but smile he smiled too and turned to Niall when I did his eyes we're watery


"Thanks Zayn" he hugged Zayn

"Now my gift" Josh said very excited 

"Niall first" he pulled out a brand new guitar

"Josh this is amaZayn" Niall said holding the guitar and strummed the 'G' cord  I smiled at him

"your turn" Josh said to me

"huh?" I asked as he handed me a few papers

"whats this?" I asked

"read it" he said I started to read it I started to smile after a few sentences I through the to my side forgetting Zayn being there he pick them up as I cried and hugged Josh I was so happy

"THANK YOU so much" I said in Josh's chest

"your welcome Hols"

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