You Don't Know Me

*3 weeks later*

I heard a Baby cry.......A laugh.....then I felt the bed shift.......I saw the ceiling, then a brown eyed black hair boy in my face.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" he said and jumped off the bed.


19. The Bite...

I turned to Zayn even though I felt so much pain then I felt a growing pain in mouth

"Ow!" I screamed Zayn went to shock then I saw his eyes water

"Holly...Bite me." He said

"No! I won't lose you what if I can never hold you again!I want to be like this forever! I will not bite you!" I yelled a little as I sat up he sat up too and pushed my head toward his neck

"Please Holly I know you need to, Just please" he said I saw a tear escape his eyes I kissed his neck then I bite him it was amazayn I almost didn't stop then I pulled away to look at Zayn he had a small smile I looked at the place wear I bite him and saw blood the tears were back

I cried and Zayn held me I pushed away but he held me til i gave up I was a Monster a demon If we were in beauty and the beast I would be the beast and him the beauty. I felt him kiss my fore head and I relaxed again and we laid down and fell asleep I loved him I was so scared that I would lose him that I wouldn't be able to have this moment again I held Zayn I wanted to always touch his hand be warmed by his body be pecked on the cheek and mouth be hugged by him I loved him and I wasn't losing him

When I woke I saw Zayn was gone I was alone It was nice with a little space after everything happening then I looked at my stomach. It was get bigger by the second I had little pain but I was fine then the door opened. I looked up and saw Niall he looked calm and he walked over. 

"Congrats Holly!" he said then his face went to importance

"Thanks Nialler...Whats on your mind?" I said

"I'm just a little freaked by Zayn he isn't handling all this information very good" he said I looked at him sincere

"I trust Zayn to be fine through this" I said then Nialls face changed to disappointment

"Yea...And what about you Holly?" he said frowning I saw him get anixous I frowned

"Don't worry about me Niall I will be fine I promise" I said he glared at me but he still spoke calmly

"How do you know? Holly what if you leave? I couldn't stand to see Zayn in that kind of state I know exactly how he will act" he said I looked at Niall

"And how would you know?" I said He looked frightened then he relaxed with a sigh

"Zayn was dating this girl Perrie.....He loved her very much but not as much as you..But one day when Perrie left home to practice, She was a dancer, Zayn couldn't drop her off cause he had be fighting off the flu. So Perrie went by her self..She was at the crosswalk when someone walked up behind her and started to be rude and perverted she walked across the rode and didn't see the car she had got hit the driver was drunk in the middle of the day and he continued to drive the perv called the hospital and they rushed but she had been put in a coma  when Zayn found out he wanted to be with her but the doctors told him she was in critical conditions and so he locked himself up in his room the day he came out was the day he had completely change he pretended he never knew Perrie he had never been hurt the worst part was it was only a month and a half after she went into a coma he pretend everything him and Perrie did never happened it was like we lost the Happy Zayn but the day he saw you everything changed he was Zayn and I can't bare see him like that again"

Niall told me Zayn's story I was in tears I didn't want Zayn to ever go in a stage like that

"how did you guys deal with it?" I asked

"we pretrended like Zayn had been but we need him to understand not to run away from his fears of losing those he loves..Holly?" Niall looked at me he had small tears forming in his eyes I hugged him and nodded then he left I laid down I grabbed my phone and unlocked it I saw a messege

From #

Now you know Zayn's passed but who said it was and accident!

I read the note and got angry I shot up and tried to run out the room completely forgetting about my stomach I ache in pain as I reached the door I opened it and Harry was there It was like he heard when someone was off He grabbed my phone and read then he hugged me I pushed him away I felt an explosion coming

So many things happened lately I knew it was about to happen I was going to yell at everyone and then run I sensed it and I couldn't fight it back any longer

"I don't need your pity!" I said to Harry

"What pity? I'm trying to help" he said

"Shut up nobody can help me I'm a monster that has no control! So just stop trying to be my parent I can handle myself!" I yelled at Harry then walked down stairs to see Zayn He tried to hug me as well I pushed him off

"Leave me alone!" I snapped at him I felt horrible but my anger took control and I lost it

I ran out the house and down the street -forgetting me and Niall's conversation moments ago- considering the weather was close to freezing point today I was being very stupid


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