You Don't Know Me

*3 weeks later*

I heard a Baby cry.......A laugh.....then I felt the bed shift.......I saw the ceiling, then a brown eyed black hair boy in my face.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" he said and jumped off the bed.


4. The birthday...and a bitch!

"Happy birthday"

My uncle said to me when I woke up

"josh?... what are you doing here?" I asked him as I got out of bed

"I wanted to spend time with you on your birthday" He told me I glared at him

"Ok but I have work today" I told him he frowned then he got curious

"you work at Nando's right?"

"yep!" I told him

"OK then i'll bring the boys by, which side should we sit on?" I was shocked but I let him have his way

"OK the far back...passed the bathrooms. I'm the waitress today." I told him he grinned and laughed slightly.

I went back to sleep for half an hour then I got up and got dressed for work..Since it was my birthday I wore my favorite wore-out blue converse and a blue beanie to match. Also since I was the waitress today I had to wear a dress so I put on some white leggings and a floral dress that had a jean chest area...I don't know why I loved to wear sneakers and dresses together I just do!

I went down stairs and Maria, our foster mother, told me Nat wasn't feeling good so I knew she wasn't going to meet the boys though she wanted to. I grabbed a muffin for breakfast and left out to see Josh's car waiting for me I laughed because he got the car I always wanted, it was a all black hummer with a few white stripes, I walked up to the car and got in

"Josh this is no fair! you know I've always wanted this car!" I told him playfully

"Yea I know kiddo."he said I pouted


"I'm not a 'kiddo' anymore Josh I'm 18 now" I told him as he pulled off

"actually your still 17, until 11:59 pm tonight" He told me I snickered at him in and brotherly way

"oh shut up"

We arrived at Nando's and I jumped out the car waved goodbye and went Inside I immediately got to work I was getting pretty bored and then Damian comes from nowhere and hugs me

"Happy Birthday Hols" he whispered in my ear I felt myself go red 

"you remembered?" I asked surprised then he pulled away from the hug

"Yea How can I forget such a beautiful girls name" he said I tried way redder then before

"well thanks!" I told him he went back to work without another word and I started to dance around while working

Then...oh shit what the fuck is Jasmine and her crew doing here NO they cant be here today is suppose to be my day ...

"Hey! South! get back to work! And take that group of kids that just walked in!" WHAT!?!?  I said to myself

"OK sir." I said I went to take their order and all hell just broke lose Because Josh walked in with the boys when I brought them their drinks

"Hey Holly" he said in a normal tone I waved scared and he realized it

Jasmine saw that and she did something so horrible.... she took a sip from her cup and said

"Ew this is gross did you turn everything into crap...maybe we should give it back to you " and before I could think she poured her whole soda on my head I dropped the tray I was holding and saw tears forming in my eyes and I ran out of the restaurant taking off my apron and just ran

I only ran because Josh saw that I never waited him to now I was get bullied NEVER! and now he knew I keep running even when I got to the foster home I ran straight upstairs into my room

"Senorita?...Senorita!?" I heard Maria yell as I shut my door I couldn't bear to see anyone

*5 minutes later*

I heard my door open ..But I locked it I looked up to think to see Nat but it was Nat..or Josh...or was.. well I don't know really

"Hey are you OK? Josh wanted me to check on you?" I stared at him and he stepped closer I looked into his his eyes and smiled they were brown

"you OK?" he asked I looked at him again

"...yea" I said nervously I didn't understand why I was nervous I normally ignore my feelings but I couldn't after that situation.. he walked toward me again and stood at the bed as if asking to sit I nodded and pat my bed he sat down and looked at me

I looked away and we had a awkward silence until

"I heard your the birthday girl" I giggled


"I find the funny" he said with a soft laugh

"why?" I asked

"because today is Niall's birthday too" I was confused at first until I remembered One Direction and it all came to me

"his the blonde one that eats everything right?" that's all I knew of him he laughed

"yea that's the one" I laughed at his comment and remembered

"hey, I should get going Josh is probably worried about you" he laughed and lifted from my bed without thought I grabbed his hand and instantly turned red when he turned around and said

"whats wrong?" I froze for a moment

"um I-I uh never got your name" I smiled very shyly

"Oh i'm sorry I'm Zayn...Zayn Malik" He smiled and left out next came in Josh... damn  I was  getting in trouble


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