You Don't Know Me

*3 weeks later*

I heard a Baby cry.......A laugh.....then I felt the bed shift.......I saw the ceiling, then a brown eyed black hair boy in my face.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" he said and jumped off the bed.


22. Sweet...

I saw my two children talking in the field they look so happy I looked to my side and saw Zayn we were happy nothing happened we were here together no one got hurt no one died we heard a loud roar and turned to see Darcy and Luke running up to us they looked happy everything was perfect  I felt Zayn grab my hand

"Never leave me" he said I smiled and kissed him I looked to Darcy Luke Nicholas and Neenah Luke and Darcy were bound together I smiled my life was perfect but something felt wrong I looked around and saw the sweet perfect Dream fade away Into a dark bloody hell 

"Zayn?"I called out but nothing I saw Jasmine

"Jasmine!?" I yelled she looked at me with piercing red eyes something was wrong

"What's going on?" I yelled to her

"Holly you broke him and left the chaos what about your mother she believed in you she wanted you to break the curse but no you ran away and now Zayn is lost and broken he thought you would never leave so soon but you did he loved you and you left him" she said coldly then I realized I was dead I walked around and found a shimmering light I looked through to see the present I saw the two babies Zayn and Harry all around my body Zayn looked happy until he looked at my body he began to freak out

I stepped closer to hear all I heard were the muffled voices of Zayn and Harry screaming my name then I felt a sharp pain in my stomach I groaned and leaned down I looked toward Harry and Zayn but they were pushed out the way of my body and Jack was standing before it  Harry practically attacked him to get away but the vision of the present started fading

"No! Zayn! Harry! Don't Go! No I Can't Die!! I don't want to die I wanna live with Zayn my kids in a safe home all together I want to be with him! Don't let me die!" I yelled I turned to see jasmine disappeared and I was in a bright place I looked around warningly I had tears in my eyes then I saw a women I looked at her deeply she looked so familiar

"Holly?Is that you?" she cried the way she said it made it familiar everything about her was familiar her dark hair her angel like face then way she cried just made it all seem different she ran up to me and hugged me

"Holly baby girl I missed you" she said it all flooded in I had a life before this one a sweet peaceful life one were I could relax without thinking twice one where I could smile if i wanted to I noticed I was crying she pulled me away looked at my face questioningly I told her I didn't want to die I don't wanna be separate from anyone one defiantly Zayn She laughed 

"Sweetheart you have the power to do anything if you wish to be with him so dearly go be with him" she said I hugged her crying I loved her so much I just never knew I turned back around and stepped into the darkness I walked to the little light and saw Zayn with my body he was crying then he sat up suddenly and held my cold hand

"Holly-Anne South-Hall I love you more than anyone in the world I don't want you to leave me I love you too much please come back I need you I know you told me to be strong and all but you know that without you I will be the quiet jerk I was before you came along everything we went through Holly I will always be here for you but I cant if I don't know where you are?" he said I started crying I reached out to Zayn and I was in the room but he didn't see me I walked over to him and touched his shoulder in seconds I was against the wall and I saw Harry Zayn was in shock

Harry widened his eyes at the sight of me

"Harry! you can see me!?" I yelled he looked at me confused so he could see me but not hear me great Zayn stood and Look at me but he kinda scanned the whole area I frowned

"Harry whats wrong?" Zayn said Harry ran over to me and helped me up then I saw the rest of the boys their eyes widened too I looked at Zayn I pushed Harry off me

"OW! Holly?!?" he yelled at me as I ran over to Zayn almost cried again but I hugged him I could still touch him he felt so warm I deepened my head and he gripped me

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