You Don't Know Me

*3 weeks later*

I heard a Baby cry.......A laugh.....then I felt the bed shift.......I saw the ceiling, then a brown eyed black hair boy in my face.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" he said and jumped off the bed.


15. Quinn?......Zayn!!

I stared at him completely shocked

"you just going to stand there like that?" he asked

"I have no family." I stated

"Really are you sure because things get mixed up in big hospitals." he said  I turned away from him

"Holly please listen to him" Jack said I gave him the death glare that always works  and he stepped back then Quinn was next to me

"Do you wish to know the story?" he said I looked at him and he sat down patting the spot next to him

The Story

It was that day August had been extremely cold and mom had a weak body and the Babies were becoming difficult so they took us out early Quinn was first but he had been perfectly fine but Holly had struggled she had been too small so mother had to wait in the hospital a lot there were many nurses everyday and it took a month for Holly to become stable and be able to live well but a new nurse had started and got the rooms wrong and the nurse came and told mother who had been getting sicker that 'He didn't make it' she broke down in tears then they brought little Holly to mother and put Quinn in the other family mom only days after she died in a horrible incidence  and Father asked Josh to watch over Holly Josh had still been underage and couldn't take care of her and put her in the foster home and waited til the day Josh knew about Quinn but didn't tell Holly she may have had a brother he kept all those things from her Quinn had talk to his family about how different he was from his family and found he had been a twin and had a different family from the family he grew up with


Zayn POV

I ran to Josh and he said he knew but I yelled at him how can he just let her go like that he said he couldn't explain it then I gave up and told him about last night I told him i was in love with her and I'm not losing her so easily then I read the note over again I had to find her and Josh was helping me then he caved and opened her text messages- he had her phone on his account- we found her I ran and Josh was somewhere behind me  I ran inside and said Leon sent me they told me where to go and I ran up stairs and open the door

Holly POV

I had few tears in my eyes but I wasn't going to just forgive and forget

"Now do you understand?" he asked

"even if I do how does that change the fact you toke me away from the first people who gave a fuck about me if you wanted to meet me you could have just fucking asked instead of going creepy stalker ass on me!" I yelled he look at me horrified I calmed down

"I'm sorry I never knew anything of my parents I never really wanted to know" I said I looked at him and cried I finally found someone closer in blood

"I can't believe this" I said he hugged me then the door flew Open I looked up

"Zayn!?" I screamed then I heard a click I looked and saw someone pointing a gun then I saw Josh appear in the door

"Q-Quinn?" Josh asked with caution

"Josh" he said scared Josh nodded then I looked at the gun pointing to Zayn he had his hand up I glared at Quinn

"Put the guy down Jacob" Quinn said I jumped up when he did and hugged Zayn and sobbed

"I'm so sorry I scared you Zayn I'm so sorry I love you so much I really do" I said in his chest he hugged me tight

"I love you too Holly" he whispered

I looked at Quinn then Josh and gave him the 'face'  Josh shrugged then I turn to Quinn

"Quinn the only way I can forgive you is if you apologize to me-"

"I'm really sorry Holly I never meant to cause harm I just wanted you to know the truth please forgive me?" He said I smiled

"your forgiven but you also Have to come home." I said

"What?" Zayn said behind me I turned to him he looked angry I glared at him and turn back to Quinn

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