You Don't Know Me

*3 weeks later*

I heard a Baby cry.......A laugh.....then I felt the bed shift.......I saw the ceiling, then a brown eyed black hair boy in my face.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" he said and jumped off the bed.


7. Not that easy!

"No way"

I said to Zayn as he came closer

"No Zayn" he came closer

"stop that!" then he was right next to me 

"stay there" of course he didn't listen and he  came closer and kissed me he licked my lip asking for entrance Denied! he tried again Denied! he tried once again Denied! he got frustrated  and pulled away and kiss my neck down softly I started to get scared as he moved further down I cut him off and looked away from him

"you ok?" he asked I couldn't speak I was too nervous but he never moved he stayed and waited

"Holly?" I started to cry damn I'm such a baby


"Holly?!?!" I said again she turned around and was crying I was shocked then I grabbed her and held her tight

"Holly I'm so sorry" she continued to cry in my chest

"It's not your fault" I looked at her and let it go I pulled her chin up and kissed her then I let her snuggle in my chest it felt so great she was soon asleep and I whispered

"I love you and I don't know why" I smiled and fell asleep


When I woke I saw Zayn laying next to me then everything for last night came back 'fuck i'm a little baby' I thought as I looked at Zayn sleeping he looked so cute  so I kissed his nose he flenched a little then cuddled me I looked at his face as he opened his eyes then blushed a little I pressed my thumb to his cheek and stroked it. We never said anything just looked into each other's eyes

"Hello guys" we both heard and sat up and saw Harry smiling cheekily

"So was it a fun night?" He asked  I blushed a bright red and turn into the pillow 'How did he make me blush so easily' I asked myself I felt Zayn jump off the bed I thought I was alone when I pulled my head up but Harry was still there staring at me

"what?" I asked

"nothing you just have a pretty bed head" He said  I blushed a little 

"well we are going to have a concert tonight If you wanted to come? but right now you should get ready your going to have to stay at school for a little while longer" he said I smiled though everyone said Harry was a flirt he didn't seem so bad though

I looked at my new phone and saw it was only 6:15 'wow' I thought and got up out of bed Harry came and walked next to me

"yes Harry?"

"I was wondering if we could go out and you  know hang out?"  I blushed as I walked up stairs and saw Zayn at the top and froze

"I don't Harry I got to think about it" I said smirking to myself I watched Zayn's face get a little upset 

"Hey Harry! do you know where my clothes went?" I asked he didn't answer

"um they are I-in my room" Zayn said nervous but upset then he walked downstairs as he pointed the way to the room  I walked to the room and saw how big it was It had an arch in the middle and I looked through and saw Josh sleeping on the other side  I smiled and saw my Bag at the Bathroom I walked over and pulled out the outfit Harry gave me it was a purple and white striped  shirt and my new Levi skinnies with the new black beanie and black and white converse and I grabbed my phone and walked out then I began to walk 

Surprisingly I knew where I was going but then I heard another door shut

"Holly!" I heard I turned around and saw Harry In skinnies and a white t-shirt

"Hey Harry what are you doing?" I asked as he caught up to me

"I wanted to walk you to school" He said

"Ok" I said and He grabbed my hand I jumped a little then was calm we talked on the walk and he  never let my hand go we arrived at the school and Harry came inside the building with me

"what are you doing?" I asked

"I have to enroll in school for two reasons" I looked at him

"One, I need to be educated and two, Josh was worried about you getting bullied... surprisingly we got all the same classes" he said still holding my hand I looked around to see everyone staring then I saw Jasmine I gulped Harry looked to where I was looking and she waved to Harry he ignored her and walked with me

'She is going to murder me' I thought I accidentally squished   Harry's hand then he wrapped his arm around me and placed it on my waist I turned a little pink  we walked in class and Harry sat with me  the teacher introduced Him the day drifed off to lunch and Harry grabbed my hand and dragged me along 

"what are you doing?" I asked

"I'm taking you out" he said

"Harry come on please don't do this...Harry!" I laughed and complained a little

"Fine then at least have a picnic with me?" He asked I froze as he pulled me up to the roof

"Oh my god Harry this is so sweet!" I told him He smiled

"thanks" we sat down and we had so much fun at points he would try to feed me and I let him then my phone vibrated


New mention on twitter!

I check it, Harry tweeted

On a amazing picnic with @hols_devine she is the best!

I giggled

"thanks" I said Harry was confused

"twitter" I said and he understood then he inched closer to me  we started talking and laughing we knew lunch was almost over so we started cleaning I was putting the leftovers back in the basket  and then Harry put his face in front of mine 

"Harry move" I said playfully and he nodded still smiling and he moved closer I started to blush I tried to look away but he kept his face in front of mine

"Harry!" I giggled

"Kiss me" he said I blushed

"It's not a demand It's just a statement" he said  and looked at me with those pretty green eye's

He made his move and kissed me It wasn't anything big just a peck then he looked at me

"I know you like Zayn and I know Zayn likes you, but you have to know I like you too  but Im okay with staying friends" I blushed red 

"Harry!? " I said he hugged me

"I  mean't I like you as a Best friend " he said I smiled that Harry was fine with us being friends I hugged him

"so why did you ask me out?" I asked

"oh I was trying to get at Zayn and it got to him he got mad at me" He said we both laughed

"Zayn really likes you Holly" he said

"I know" I said remebering what Zayn whispered last night when he thought I was asleep I smiled to myself


"oh no the bell!" Harry said and grabbed my hand and we ran we were running down the stairs when I slipped and fell down "Ah-Ow!" I had instant tears "Holly!" Harry yelled and Picked me up at this point we were suppose to be in art but Harry rushed me to nurse she ice it down but my head started pounding and I fell asleep

I was in a white room I heard the beeps speed up I began crying I looked down at myself and saw blood only blood my whole top half was covered in blood I looked back up and saw my reflection there I was bleeding from my head I turned around and saw Zayn crying

"Holly!Holly!" He screamed then the blood was everywhere blood splattered on Zayn his face was in shock I turned around again to see Jack

"Holly!Let me see my niece!" I heard Josh yell I woke up


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