You Don't Know Me

*3 weeks later*

I heard a Baby cry.......A laugh.....then I felt the bed shift.......I saw the ceiling, then a brown eyed black hair boy in my face.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" he said and jumped off the bed.


6. Moving out!

"Your moving in?"

Zayn asked sounding scared I nodded very happy all the boys looked rather happy

"can we have pool party when we get home then?" Louis asked

"yea sounds good" Josh said I got up and started walking then I heard someone behind me I turn and see Zayn

"can I help you?"

"No,but I can help you" He said 


"I can help you" he tilted his head down to mine and grabbed my waist my legs turned to jelly for a minute then I snapped out of it

"i'm good" I said and walked away again he was still following me I stopped at my door and turned around again

"why are you following me?"

"Because Josh wanted me to help you pack" I  stood there shocked 'why did Josh trust him so much'

"fine" I turned and walked in my room he came in and closed the door I froze for a minute  and then continued to my closet and pulled out half of my close with one trip when I reached my bed I saw Zayn looking at a photo of me and Natalie I started packing my things in a suitcase he turned around and I saw him a little angry

"whats wrong?" came out my mouth before I could think

"nothing just the other girl in the photo" He paused

"yea?" I said

"She and I used to date and she cheated on me" I froze and looked at him confused

"that's impossible she's my BFF she would never do that!" I yelled low

"She did" he said  I sat down next to him and grab his hand he jumped a little and looked at me I bent over to kiss him on  the cheek but he turned to me and I ended up kissing his lips  we both jumped back at first then he moved in again I froze but relaxed as I let him kiss me he pulled back after a few seconds and got up went to my closet and grab the other half of my clothes we packed together 

Every now and then he would grab my waist and move me to the side every time he did I had a mini heart attack I heard him start to hum something

"what you humming?" I asked I looked at him and he turn pink a little I laughed

"your blushing" I said poking his cheek 

"you know..."


"your the first ..girl that has made me blush" he said

"really?" I asked excitedly he looked away and I smiled to my self we finished and then the suitcase wouldn't close so I sat on it and Zayn went around me to zip it up he became so close I could smell his Cologne it smell wonderful he looked at me still trying to zip it up then he finished zipping it up

"OK" he said lifting my suit case we walked out together and Harry saw us then looked at the time

"Damn Zayn your fast!!" I knew what harry meant and turned red Zayn laughed

"It's nothing like that" he said I walked away from them still very red and walk into the room with the other boys

"hey Hols" Josh said I smiled and walked over to him

"thank you again" I said and kissed his cheek After awhile I was half asleep in Josh's arms Josh got up and carried me bridal style but I knew he was weak

"Josh you don't" I said half sleep then I moved a little and was beening held on the other side of my body I opened my eyes a little and saw Niall he looked at me with his blue eyes I smiled and fell asleep again then I was in a car

"Holly? Holly. Hols.." I fluttered my eyes open to see Josh and Zayn standing there

"wha-where am I?" I asked  looking around a big theatre room

"your at your new home" Josh said

"I looked at where I was laying it was a pull out bed 

"for now you gotta sleep here love" Zayn said I blushed a little hearing him call me love

"well I'm really tired so I'm going to bed nite Hols" Josh kissed me on my forehead and left Zayn here  he grinned cheekily

"No way!" I said


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