You Don't Know Me

*3 weeks later*

I heard a Baby cry.......A laugh.....then I felt the bed shift.......I saw the ceiling, then a brown eyed black hair boy in my face.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" he said and jumped off the bed.


8. Hospital..Tears..and Dinner!!

"Holly!Let me see my niece!"

I heard Josh yell I woke up


"Holly!" he ran in and hugged me

"Holly! Are you ok?" he said Grabbing my face and Kissing my forehead

"I'm fine Josh relax" I smiled the nurse came in and Josh stepped over to her she was a average Blonde  she looked really nice and she was flirting desperately with Josh I giggled

"Joshy can I talk to you really quick?" I asked embarrassing him

"Hols one minute please"

"No Now!" I said he asked her to wait and wallked over


"your clueless, how can you not see that poor nurse flirting her ass off for you" I whispered

"Holly sto-"

"No! Now get your ass over there and get her number!" I whispered-yelled He left and the nurse smiled wide 'thats my Uncle!' I said to myself and  laughed Josh handed her a slip of paper and then came to get me up

"Let's go Hols" I stood and we left

*skip ride home*

I walked up to the door as Josh unlocked it when I walked in I saw Harry he looked like he had been crying

"Har-" I was cut off by Josh pulling me out the room

"Josh? whats going on?" I asked getting frustrated

"you can't talk to Harry" He told me

"why not?"

"Because he thinks it's his fault you got hurt" I looked at Josh noticed he relaxed then I pulled away and ran out toward Harry

"Holly!" I heard Josh behind me I ran up to Harry and hugged him

"don't be an Idiot its not your fault" I told him 

"Yes it is" I stepped back looked Harry in the eyes and slapped him somewhat softly

"don't be an Idiot Haz" I said then messed up his hair and smiled

"you see me perfectly fine don't you now no blaming yourself!" I said and he hugged me again then I pulled away glanced at Zayn and skipped to the kitchen

"Anyone Hungry?" I heard someone race down the stairs I turned and Niall was there

" I am!" he said I laughed and looked through cabinets I knew what to make I turned to Niall


"yea" he said I smiled and pulled everything I needed out then I felt someone's hands on my waist I turned and saw Zayn I looked around and saw Niall left

"need help?" he asked I ignored him, teasing of course, and continued cooking I had put some garlic bread in the oven and the sauce was almost done next was the noodles

"Holly?" he said then I got an idea to scare him I bent over holding my head

"Holly!?" He knelled in an instance I started to laugh

"your so gullible" I laughed and kiss his cheek

"I am not" I laughed as I raised to finish cooking 

"yes you are"

"No!" he yelled a little I looked at him after putting the spaghetti in the pot

"Zayn about yesterday-" He cut me off

"shh we are not talking about it" I nodded and he pushed me

"hey!" he took over my cooking

"move Zayn" I said he just laughed and continue to shove me out the way

"Zayn! AH!" I started to laugh because he was playing around with me then he went to the sink and flicked me with water

"oh No you didn't!" I said and he turned around I jumped on his back

"Ah! Holly! Get off!" I laughed as he ran around a little

"nope!" I said he continued to cook

Then he finished cooking

"so do you wanna get off or should I get you down?" I laughed and put my head next to his ear

" I wanna see you try" I whispered slowly to tease

"Fine then" he said and grabbed two plates of spaghetti and walked out the kitchen

"Guys the food is done" he told them Niall disappeared in seconds and Zayn went up stairs to his room the I realized what he was going to do  I gulped

He put the plates down and put his hand on my leg and moved upward 

"Zayn" I said turned red I jumped down and turned from Zayn  he grabbed me 

"Now what did you wanna see?" he asked I gulped

"nothing" he turned me around and looked me in the eye

"I will never hurt you Holly" he said I couldn't breathe I was over-whemled he kissed me  and grabbed our food we ate together he started to hum again I listened this time it was 'Stand Up' I blushed because of the meaning of the song 

"from the moment.... I met you..... everything change?" I said Zayn got nervous and turned a little pink

"yea" I laughed and nudged him 

"your cute when you blush" I said

" you too" He said  I blushed and we were like that then Josh walked in I giggled a little as I finished eating

"Hols you take your Medication from the doctors?" I looked up

"No not yet I will before I go to sleep I promise" I said and got up from Zayn's bed

I went downstairs to do dishes as I walked into the kitchen I saw Niall already doing dishes 

"Oh Niall you don't have to" I said coming next to him

"No it's fine Holly" he said

"well at least let me help ...please" I asked

"ok" and we washed the dishes we kept playing around and Niall was so nice


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