You Don't Know Me

*3 weeks later*

I heard a Baby cry.......A laugh.....then I felt the bed shift.......I saw the ceiling, then a brown eyed black hair boy in my face.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" he said and jumped off the bed.


20. Freezing to Death

I ran with no coat or anything I gave up on my self 'I wish I was dead with mommy She would understand.. or at least Have Jack kill me It would be nice to be gone and not suffer'

"Shut Up" I heard someones voice I turned to see Jasmine

"What the Hell are you doing here" I said catching my breathe

"I've always know your family secret so don't freak out but dude your be stupid your mother loved you and she would want you to try and change this chaos" she said

"How would you know she's dead" I said

"I would know because I was your Mothers Best friend...I'm a Vampire" she said I was a bit surprised then I calmed down and sat on a nearby bench she sat with me

"Sounds like everyone is these days" I said she laughed

"Yea it does...Anyway don't run idiot! Your just proving your the coward Natalie claimed you as" She said

"So there are more things she called me" I said  she frowned

"Sorry" she said I nodded and shoke my hand

"Don't stress" I told her

"So how are you holding up?" she asked motioning toward my tummy I smiled

"Alright I guess It's nice to know It's with someone special" I said

"Well it won't be special much longer If you freeze to death" she said then she jumped up in alert

"Get up!" she told me I stood and She looked off in to the trees

"Come out!" she yelled then stepped out Jack with Zayn tied up

" Zayn!" I yelled and Jasmine held me back as Jack laughed

"Holly he can be safe if you come with me" Jack said

"No Way" Jasmine said Jack laughed and glared at me

"Fine J-Just dont hurt him!" I said running over to Zayn I pull off the duck tape

"OW! Holly don't go I can't bare losing you ...or them" Zayn said and whispered the last part

"I'm sorry Zayn...I love you" I said and kissed him one last time

Then Jack pulled me up by my hair

"Ah! You Ass Hole!" I yelled then he dropped me and held his hand

"What the Fuck you just burned me..You little Bitch!" He yelled and slapped me.  All I heard was Zayn Yelling and I saw others storm in then I blacked out

I felt the power growing inside me it was uncontrollable the birth of the children was coming faster than it should be and I was became ill with these powers kicking in and the Baby's coming I was exposed  "Holly stay Calm breathe and push" I heard His Voice say I smiled and felt a lot better "If I don't make it Stay Strong and protect our kids..... Promise?" He laughed and Kissed me "I promise"

I woke up in Zayn's bed again

"Zayn?" I said then I felt movement behind me I turned around to see a half-sleep Zayn

"Holly don't leave me" he mumbled I smiled

"If you ever leave me I might just Die" then I frowned and kissed his forehead

"I would never leave you" I said

" I promise" I fell back to sleep in Zayn's arms


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