You Don't Know Me

*3 weeks later*

I heard a Baby cry.......A laugh.....then I felt the bed shift.......I saw the ceiling, then a brown eyed black hair boy in my face.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" he said and jumped off the bed.


10. Fights...Suspensions....and Nightmares.


I yelled walking up to her

"Hey Holly" she said acting nice

"don't 'Hey Holly' me I thought we were Best friends" I said 

"Don't even try to pretend you are my Best friend anymore I know the truth!" I yelled in the hallway

"We are Best friends.. Whats wrong with you?!" She yelled back

"You! you continue to lead me on like you care and crap like that when your the one starting all the rumors! yea I know now! Just say it you were never my friend to begin with!" I yelled

"fine I will admit it I never was your friend and never wanted to be  because you were a little bratty ass bitch and always hated everyone" she said

"well at least I don't go behind someone's back and talk shit about them that is just fucked up I don't even get why you started shit about me I have NEVER done anything to you!" I yelled

"you always had your uncle I lost everyone and you stole my first boyfriend when I came to the foster home!" she said she was mad at me because of Jack

"I never liked Jack he was obsessed with me I did nothing to you he did that himself I didn't mean to do anything" I said

"you didn't even care about his feelings you just pushed him away" she said

" I only did that to help my so called best friend I thought if I ignored him hoping he would go back with you!" I told her she had nothing left I walked away

"Hey! you can't just leave you little slut!" she said I turned around

"what did you say?" I asked

"you heard me slut! first your kissing Zayn then you let Niall carry you out the house then you come to school holding Harry's hand. your a fucked up girl and you know it!" she said I felt the tears ready to burst I held them back

"shut the hell up you don't know me!!!" I started to walk away again and she attacked me she flipped me around and knocked me to the ground and started to punch me

It all hurt very much but I never hit back once she punched me in my lip and stomach Harry pulled her away as I was crying there on the floor we went to the princpal and got suspended  for 3 day Harry toke me home and returned to school

"Holly! thank god your okay!" Josh said coming down stairs

"Josh can I tell you something " I said


"Josh I have to tell you something before everyone gets down here" I said He wait

"Look I really like.. I mean REALLY like him and I want you to let me date him." I said hoping He started laughing

"Hols I already know Zayn told me this morning and It's fine as long as your careful" He said laughing a little

"He did!" I blushed then the rest of the boys came down  I looked at Zayn shocked He came over and Hugged me

"I was so worried" He whispered and pulled away all the boys were worried about me then I told them I was suspended for 3 days they were all pretty happy and Zayn smirked but Josh on the other hand

"Oh Hols I got band meetings tomorrow and the next day" he said

"thats OK Josh I'll be fine here" I said

After talking to the boys for awhile I went outside and sat on the stairs I looked around and saw a group of guys, drunk guys at 4 in the afternoon, then I looked closer at the group and saw one guy that looked like Harry I got worried because Harry hadn't come home yet I looked closer and saw it was Harry and he had a cigarette in his hand

"Idiot" I muttered to myself after awhile I looked back up they were gone and Harry was walking toward me 

"Hey Holly, Whats up Babe" he said hugging me with his alcoholic and smokers breathe

"get off you stink" I started getting a headache from the smell

"Aw Hols don't be that way" He said  and grabbed me again 

I pulled away and got up he quickly grabbed me to tight

"Ow! Harry! let go!" I said and pulled away again almost bashing my head into the door but Niall opened it up before that happened and caught me 

"Holly? Harry?" Niall said and realized Harry was drunk

"Guys! Harry's drunk! Again!" everyone ran to the door Louis and Liam grabbed Harry  and Josh got some asprain and walked with them Niall and Zayn stayed with me

"Guys really I'm fine" I told them

"please let me cook " they both nodded 

"Oh My Gosh!" Niall frowned

"now i'm hungry" he said and pouted I looked at Zayn with the puppy face

"please..." He looked at Niall then back at me

"fine but were helping"

"ok" I said and jumped up and ran to the kitchen

"hmm..." I looked around the kitchen

"stir fry?" I asked

"anything is fine" Niall said I laughed

"sure" Zayn said

I started cooking and 'Ziall' watched over me  the food was almost done when I turned to Niall

"hey Nialler when are you going to use Zayn's gift" I said

"I don't know I was going to wait until we went on break but I really miss my mum so I may use it earlier" he said Niall's present from Zayn was a plane ticket to go visit his mum in Ireland I thought it was a great present and it was lucky Niall could see his family again 'family?' repeated in my head

"Holly?" Zayn said I realized I began to cry without noticing

"Oh sorry the smoke was getting to my eyes" I lied

I finished the food and called everyone to eat I ate at the counter and let the boys eat together at the table I laughed at their stupidity but Harry didn't come down I was a little worried so I finished eating early and clean my plate then walked upstairs I walked around til I found Harry's room

"Harry?" I said

"Holly!?" I heard


"Oh my god Holly I'm so sorry I didn't mean to do that to you  I'm so sorry" he said hugging me

" It's cool Haz I understand you were in that state"

"It wasn't cool and I'm truly sorry Holly" he said I hugged him and kissed his cheek

"I forgive you" I said and we released and I left

"Night Haz" I said and closed the door I walked to my room downstairs and collapsed on the bed

"what a day!" I said and curled in my bed then I felt someone wrap their arm around me

"Hi Zayn." I said and turned to him

"Hi Holly Anne South" I froze that voice wasn't Zayn I knew who it was

"J-Jack?" I asked I felt him smirked

"Ah!!!" I screamed and jumped out my bed tears ran down my face then my dream flickered in my mind

"Holly?!" Zayn came running in with Josh and the rest of the boys  including Harry. Zayn came next to me and held me

"Holly. Holly. It's ok." He said I'm not sure if it was a dream or real but for sure I was scared now I held Zayn in a protective way and cried it out everyone eventually left except Zayn he stayed with me I never let him go but some how we ended up in his bed asleep I was so terrified

Why was Jack everywhere lately? Was that really him? Why did he have to come back? I didn't want to remember the pain

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