You Don't Know Me

*3 weeks later*

I heard a Baby cry.......A laugh.....then I felt the bed shift.......I saw the ceiling, then a brown eyed black hair boy in my face.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" he said and jumped off the bed.


18. Daddy Where Were You?

Holly POV

"Dad.." I saw Quinn walk in the kitchen and stare at him

"I have no time to explain all I know is Holly and Quinn the only way for you two to be safe is for Holly to drink your blood son" he said my eyes widen as Harry gave me something in a cup I took a wif and regretted it Instantly I gulped and Harry glared

"drink it you need the energy" he said then I drank it it was gone in seconds then I looked at 'My Dad' 

"what do you mean drink Quinn's blood?" I asked

"not techincally" Harry said 'dad' Glared at Harry and Harry at him

"look kid I know a lot about this unlike you!" he yelled at Harry I jumped in the way

"Stop it yelling at this time won't help! damn it! now Harry continue" I said Harry sighed

"well there are two things you can do you can drink your brothers blood which will cause him much pain or you can drink...the crossbreed's blood"he said

"Crossbreed?" I asked

"Yes the thing is no one know who the crossbreed is but the child it's self" Harry said I looked at my stomach and it jerked my body between 'dad' and Zayn I didn't want it to be my dad that would be gross and if it was Zayn what was to happen to him

"what would happen to the crossbreed if I drink their blood?" I asked "Well if its a true crossbreed then there should be no effect but if not the worst to happen is blood unablity to touch due to electric charge in atoms" he said I looked down now somewhat scared what if I could never touch Zayn again I grabbed Zayn's hand he jumped at the touch

I walked out the room and went back upstairs before I got to the room I turned to see my dad he looked at me with sad eyes

"where were you?" I asked

"what?" he said

"where were you when I needed a parent I may not have remembered you but still why weren't you there?" I said

"I was watching over your brother" he told me I turned a continued to walk

"If I stayed with could have been dead by now as well as that boy you love so much...Holly I had to protect you and your brother for your mothers sake I wanted to be there but I promised your mother" he said

"It's fine dad we are fine don't worry" I said and walked in the room and laid down on Zayn's bed soon Zayn came in and laid down with me and held me his hand resting on my belly 'Why couldn't I be normal?' I thought then I felt Zayn breathe in my ear

"Holly I don't hate you. I will never be scared of you. I went on a walk I couldn't see you that way. I will always be here for you.nothing can break my heart if I know you love me. I never wanted to run and If I did I'd run to you not away. I will love you forever. And I will always be 'Back for you'" He whispered answering every question I asked myself yesterday

"No more crying I'll be here when you need me..I will never lose you that easily" he said I felt a small smile grow on my face and then he pecked my cheek

"I love you Zayn" I said

"I love you too Holly" We soon fell asleep like that like the other nights it felt so normal til the pain came back


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