You Don't Know Me

*3 weeks later*

I heard a Baby cry.......A laugh.....then I felt the bed shift.......I saw the ceiling, then a brown eyed black hair boy in my face.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" he said and jumped off the bed.


13. Beach Trip... (part 3 leaving)

"Ah!" I screamed as Zayn grabbed my waist and spun me around he turned me to him and kissed me

"Holly-Anne?" He asked

"no don't call me that!! I hate that name" I told him he kissed me

"don't worry love I won't"

*an hour later*

We went to rest before Zayn wanted to leave I looked at him curious but I saw Jack again

"ok let's go!" I said and we packed up and left

"hey it's only 5 pm and Harry probably went to hang out with Josh and Nialler so what you wanna do?" Zayn asked I smirked and he drove home

On the ride I got another text

From #

Look here I don't like pretty boy about I get rid of him! ~A

I had gotten scared and without thought I replied

To #

Don't hurt Zayn. If you even think about it I will find you.

From #

Oh sweet heart I won't hurt Zayn...You Will ~A

I read the message several times trying to hold the tears in

"Holly?" Zayn said I snapped up at him

"yea" I said calmly

"you ok?" I looked at him and smiled

"perfect!" I said then I saw we were home I jumped out the car and ran to my room and locked the door and cried a little then my phone beeped

From #

I will let you have this night with him then you leave tonite at midnight leave a note saying you hate him then I will send you another text..If you don't follow rules I will get rid of those you care about one by one...By the way when was the last time you talked to josh?

I froze as the tears came faster

"Josh..Harry..Niall..Liam..Louis......Zayn" I started to bawl out in tears then I heard someone knock

"Holly?" I heard Zayn I ran in the bathroom and washed my face and wet my hair

"Hold on I'm coming!" I yelled finishing up making it look like I was in the shower I ran out and opened the door


"You ok?" he asked I gulped

"fine" then I turned and walked back to the bathroom

"one night left huh?" I whispered to myself I walked back out to see Zayn sitting on my bed with his head down I went over and kissed him he was shocked first then relaxed I slowly pushed him back and was on top of him soon I felt a tear escape then Zayn pulled away

"Holly don't push yourself" he said

"no I want this I want you Zayn"I kissed him again in a way to say 'I love you'

Zayn's POV

she kissed me to say something like 'I love you' I pulled away again and looked at her

"I love you Holly" I said

"I love you too Zayn" she said and we kissed again and we took of each others clothes and we did it I was in love with Holly for sure  I wanted her all for myself but I know I'm not good for her we fell asleep in  each others arms I felt movement in the middle of the night but I thought it was nothing so I slept again when I woke Holly was gone I saw a note on her side of the bed I read it

Goodbye Zayn,

I never thought I could Hate someone so much in my life Stay away from me and don't bother following me I'm leaving for good Josh already understands so don't bother he was fine with it I'm sorry I led you on like that I guess I should have stopped it when we Kissed in my old room But now I have to end this

Goodbye Malik


I began crying what was this how can she just leave after having sex with me she said she loved me I don't understand

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