You Don't Know Me

*3 weeks later*

I heard a Baby cry.......A laugh.....then I felt the bed shift.......I saw the ceiling, then a brown eyed black hair boy in my face.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" he said and jumped off the bed.


12. Beach Trip... (part 2 We're Here!)

I froze as Zayn pulled off

He was driving then he looked at me

"everything alright" I smiled not answering my phone beeped again I looked down

New Message!

From #

Good girl stay quiet about this or I can get rid of those close to you

I gulped and put my phone away avoiding anymore text messages then Zayn grabbed my hand and smiled toward me I smiled back

"so who were you texting?" he asked I couldn't think until I got someone in mind

"Just Haz" I said and I returned to normal somewhat

"oh ok" we arrived to the beach and Zayn came to my side and grabbed my hand we walked

Then he stopped and put on shades and a sun hat

"Hiding from the paparazzi?" I asked he nodded and we continued to walk we found a nice spot on the beach and set down the blanket and a umbrella I laid down for a little while and Zayn sat next to me staring at the ocean then I sat up and put my head on his shoulder he looked at me and kissed my forehead then I laid back down again and closed my eyes

Then I hear some foot steps

"hey, can you help me?" I heard a familar voice but I couldn't identify who it was I peek a little and it was some random blonde talking  with Zayn she looked a year younger than us I got a little insecure but tried to relax

"I'm sorry what do you need help with" Zayn asked

"It's just my brother he said he was going for a wal- oh nevermind I see him" she said then I guess her brother came up

"Sorry is my little sister bugging you guys I probably should have brought her with me I'm sorry she is such a bother" the boy said I froze at the voice

"she wasn't a bother at all" Zayn said I slowly came up and looked at the boy

My eyes we're glued to him

"J-J-Jack?" I slipped out terrified he still had his natural blonde curls and green/blue eyes  he looked at me and smiled

"No way Holly-Anne!?!?" he said my full first name I got mad

"I don't go by that anymore it's just Holly" I said still stiff the blonde nudged on Jack's side

"Jack is that the girl that knows Nat" she said I got even angrier and looked away

"Yea..speaking of Nat how is she?" I glared at Jack

"we don't talk anymore.. and anyway why would you care you broke her heart" I said and made my point

"well I should go nice seeing you Holly-Anne let's go Rose" he left and I finally relaxed

"So was that your Ex or.." Zayn asked

"Ew gross he went out with Nat then he tried to hook up with me but I wouldn't let him" I said lying a little

We laughed then I got up and took off my swimsuit cover and ran out to the water it felt great  I turned to Zayn he was running in the water with his T-shirt already off

"Ah!" I screamed


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