You Don't Know Me

*3 weeks later*

I heard a Baby cry.......A laugh.....then I felt the bed shift.......I saw the ceiling, then a brown eyed black hair boy in my face.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" he said and jumped off the bed.


11. Beach Trip... (part 1 getting ready)

"Morning Princess"

I heard someone whisper in my ear I looked and saw Zayn

"Hi, Prince" I blushed and looked at him he was Blushing too

"So Princess,  what do you wanna do today?" Zayn said then I remembered I was suspended

"Hmm I don't know I kinda wanna relax" I said

"How about we go to the beach?" He suggested I thought about it since we lived in California... it wasn't far but I don't have a good bikini

"I would love to but I can't" I said getting up trying to avoid the rest of this conversation

"why not?" Zayn asked

"Um I just don't feel good about it today" I said walking to the living room everyone was still here even Harry

"Hey Boys!" I said It felt weird always being around boys but I was adjusting

"Hey Hols, how did you sleep?" Josh asked cheekily and widening his eyes  'oh god not him too now grr'

"I sleep Just fine thanks  for asking" Then Zayn came down stairs his hair was a mess

"So you both sleep well?" Harry now asked looking surprised I glared and walked to the kitchen 

"I slept great why do you ask?" Zayn said also not realizing I pulled some cheerios out and ate a bowl then Zayn came in grabbed a few Cheerios and started tossing them up in the air into his mouth I laughed

"You try" he said

"no I'm good Zayn" I said he still through one I caught it once and left him alone

"Oh come on, once really?" he said I laughed and turned to him he threw a few more and I caught all of them except the last one I got it up off the floor and when I turned back Zayn was at my face

"Hi" I said

"tell me why not?" he said I drowned in sadness

"Your gonna think it's stupid but... my bikini is worn out" I said going to the trash to get rid of the cheerio I started to the living room then Zayn grabbed my hand It was the same arm Harry gripped yesterday

"Ow!" I cried

"Sorry Holly" Harry said leaving the kitchen as Zayn let go  I frowned and looked at Zayn with a questioning face he nodded and I ran to Harry and hugged him in a family way he hugged me the same 

"Don't worry about it Harry I'm fine Now go to school" I said pushing him out of the door

I turned around and saw Zayn and no one else

"where is everybody?" I asked

"Josh left awhile ago with Niall you know band things you sent Harry off and Liam and Louis are heading off with their girlfriends" I froze when everything came through me that meant me and Zayn were here by our selves

"oh" was all I could say

"we can still go I'll buy you a new bikini?" he said trying to ease me  I gave up

"fine Zayn you win" I said he smiled widely and we both went upstairs I went on Josh's side to change and Zayn stayed on his I had put on my stupid old one and a swimsuit cover and walked out

... At the wrong time Zayn had been Naked and putting on his swim trunks

"Ah!" I quickly turned around embarrassed I felt myself turn red completely then I felt Zayn hug me from behind

"did you like, what you saw?" He said and kissed me cheek chuckling then he stepped back I turned around again still very red and he grabbed my cheeks and brushed them with his thumbs

"stay here" he said and left the room I looked for a minute and walked up to his pictures one was turned down I  picked it up to find Natalie and Zayn Holding hands I put i back in place and looked at the others I saw one of him and his sisters I smiled then my feet started hurting so I sat down on his bed It felt so warm and smelled of him

Then he came back with a cute deep blue bikini I laughed

"how did you know my size?" I asked

"the same way Harry did...Josh" he said I grabbed the bikini and went to Josh's side and changed again then walked out Zayn looked me up and down in approval I laughed and we walked downstairs hand and hand it felt so right 

We got in the car and pulled off  this was going to be the best day ever my phone beeped I opened it

New Message!

From #

I saw your bikini I have to say you looked more amazing than before except for that guy I think he needs to go like your parents... ~A

I froze as Zayn pulled off


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