silence, sound. words.


1. Silence

Nothing but darkness and deep silence

time in state of slumber

word of God  word divine

echoed in the space

light colors sound danced in creation.


Wheel of time revolved

silence came back to reign

creation merged in to the silence deep

time stood still in eternity.


Silence the inner light

word the reflection of light

from the golden womb of silence

rose the silvery light of speech.


Words in beautiful patterns

in slow stream fast flow in vivacious fall

riding on dancing waves

in multiple ways in numerous styles

pregnant with various moods and thoughts.


Words floating in sweet tunes

colorful garlands of melodies

picturesque paintings striking sculptures

alive with thoughts depicted

grasped absorbed in mind

sink deep down in to the heart

the sound and thought merge

in to the serene flow of silence as one and the same.


Silence awakens inner senses

tremendous with inner perception

transforms in to inner grace

that observes understands and respects

every thing, never judgmental.


Words dash everywhere in haste

thoughtless utterances impulsive stabs

confuse and wound senses and mind

silence thoughtful and stable in its place

calm and quiet spreads universal.


Silence in mind and heart

speaks with out words

brings awareness in lives

that generates light in and around.


Silence masters passions

speaks which words can not speak

corrects mistakes controls misdeeds

offers chance for retrospection.


Silence that is enlightened

silence perfect and complete

looks at, touches and teaches

cleans and clears the mind

establishes in truth and in original state

grants positive change in lives.


Silence the manifestation of God's grace

that originates from the depth of  heart

a continuous flow of inner peace and tranquility;

if it can be achieved

paradise is attained on earth.








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