Fix me

Whitney House has had a very rough life and doesn't think it will ever get better. But one night she meets One Direction her favorite boy band and they instantly become friends. But what happens when she falls in love with two of them? Which one will she pick to help fix her? Which one will be with her no matter what?


2. The movies

When I arrive at alex's house she comes out in a red tank top with a navy blue high waisted skirt. She was beautiful. I always wished I was half as pretty as her. I have long brown hair and electric blue eyes, but to me that's nothing compared to her wavy blonde hair and bright green eyes. She gets in the car and I can't help but smile. "why are you all dressed up?" I asked. She looks down at me "you never know when a cute boy is gonna be around". She hates being single and loves to be in the spotlight. That's why we are such good friends I never try and get in her way. I hear Alex scream and look over at her. She instantly turns the radio up. Little things by one direction is on and it's at Louis's part. She is absolutely in love with Louis Tomlinson. "you can't go to bed without a cup of tea an maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep". We sang at the top of our lungs all the way to the movie theatre.  The place is packed. I guess it's normal seeing as it's a friday night. Now we have to decide what movie to see. I've been wanting to see now you see me but Alex doesn't really want to. I con her into us watching it by promising I would stay up all night with her and watch Louis Tomlinson videos. The movie was great but I see no clear way of getting out. I grab Alex's hand and run around back. "what the hell are we doing" she looks so confused. I laugh "look Alex there is no way out so we have to sneak". I start pulling her forward when I run right into someone. I go to fall back but strong arms go around me. "are you alright love?" omg that was the sexiest deepest voice I've ever heard. I look up and couldn't believe my eyes. Harry Styles had me in his arms. I look over at Alex and she is staring behind me and I look over there and the rest of the boys are here. Louis is smiling at Alex and Niall kind of looks pissed. Liam and Zayn are in there own little worlds. "love?" I hear Harry ask again. "yes, yes I'm fine" I shrug out of his arms and walk back to Alex. "so what are you ladies doing out here?" Niall ask. His Irish accent filling the place. "well the theatre is to crowded we couldn't get though". I say. Louis steps up next to Alex and says "we can take you guys home if you would like". I can feel Alex literally vibrating with joy beside me. "sure" she says. We follow the boys to there limo. Somehow I ended up sitting between Niall and Harry. Was it me or did both of them seem a little excited. Alex couldn't be better she was sitting next to Louis slighting laying on his shoulder. Since I was staying over at Alex's we gave the directions to her house. I was worried how would get my car? I feel someone rubbing my back and I look up at Niall. "don't worry we will bring your car to you" he smiled at me. I instantly felt better. "thanks Niall". I notice Harry giving Niall the death stare. What's going on. I mean I'm sitting here with my favorite band and I feel like two of them are fighting over me. I don't understand I'm just a normal girl.  We pull at to Alex's house and I'm about to get out when Harry speaks up. "maybe we should exchange numbers". I look at him was Harry Styles from one direction really asking for my number? I give all them my number and get out. While I wait on Alex to unwrap herself from Louis and give him her number I notice Harry and Niall both staring at me. I walk into Alex's room and jump on the bed. "seems like two certain boys were all over you" she says while winking at me. "ohh whatever they are famous popstars they would never go for a broken down girl like me". "that's not what it looked like". "im surprised you noticed anything besides Mr. Louis". I lay down and think about what she said. It was the first night I fell asleep happy in a while

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