Fix me

Whitney House has had a very rough life and doesn't think it will ever get better. But one night she meets One Direction her favorite boy band and they instantly become friends. But what happens when she falls in love with two of them? Which one will she pick to help fix her? Which one will be with her no matter what?


3. Memories

I wake up in Alex's bed. Did last night really happen. I get up and run to the window and sure enough my car is out there. This isn't possible. I try pinching myself to wake up. But ouch! It's hurts I must be awake. Last night it seemed as if Harry and Niall were both flirting with me but is that impossible. I've had only one real boyfriend and he broke my heart by sleeping with my ex best friend. He was angry with me because I wouldn't put out. It's not my fault I wanted to stay a virgin in my mind until the right time. I look over at the clock it's only 4:30 in the morning. Why am I up? I lay down to go back to sleep. But that's when the memories start.


 I couldn't save myself. I was only nine. My uncle didn't take into a count my feelings. He just needed to get off so I was vulnerable. He raped me and told me he would kill me if I ever told anyone. How could my own uncle do this to me? No one ever believed me. My mom would just put it off so I had to keep to myself. I shut everyone out. I made sure to protect my sisters in every way. When I realized the twins dad was also a rapist I didn't know what to do. It hurt and I knew I had to keep them safe. He touch Katie. That bastard touched Katie and there was nothing I could do about. I try to fight him and make me leave but he threw my down the hall and tried to suffocate me. My mom still didn't believe me she never did! Now she knows. They all know! He went to prison and me and my sisters were safe or at least that's what I thought. My mom was never home so I was in charge. One night while I was putting the girls to sleep I heard a sound. I freaked out. I walked in the livingroom to find someone stealing our tv and game stations. He knocked me down and held a knife to my throat if it wasn't for my pit bull Mac I wouldnt be here now. A few months later me and my sisters were put into foster care. It sucked the life out of us. They finally put us with my grandmaw. That's where we have been ever since.


I couldn't handle this. These memories hurt me. I grab my razor from my purse and run to the bathroom. This is the only way to let out the pain.

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