Fix me

Whitney House has had a very rough life and doesn't think it will ever get better. But one night she meets One Direction her favorite boy band and they instantly become friends. But what happens when she falls in love with two of them? Which one will she pick to help fix her? Which one will be with her no matter what?


1. Flashback

Great another day to wake up and to hate my life. Last night was perfect. In my dream everything was as it used to be. I was with my mom and my sisters were happy. but as a stare at the ceiling above me I realize I could never get that back. I crawl out of bed and stare at myself in the mirror. The person staring back at me looks like they haven't been out of bed in weeks. So this is what I've become. I get dressed and walk out my room to find my grandmaw cooking breakfast. "morning" I say as I take a seat. My sister Katie walks in the kitchen singing what makes you beautiful by one direction. Don't get me wrong I love one direction but I'm not some crazy obsessed fan. I've realized that I'll never meet them. I look down at my arms and see the scars I forgot to wear a long sleeve. Ohh who cares. My phone vibrates and I look down to check it. *wanna see a movie tonight* it was my best friend Alex. She always seems to know when I'm upset. I quickly reply yes. "heyy grandmaw is it okay if I see a movie with Alex tonight"? She smiles at me and says yes. I couldn't believe it she was actually letting me go out. It's been really tough on my family with my mom being in and out of jail.


I came to live with my grandmaw when I was eleven. Now that I'm sixteen looking back I can see all the signs I missed. My mom was never home, she was always hyper or tired, she didn't have time for us kids, and the traffic from my house was horrible. I see now that my mom was always to high to take care of us. I had to grow up to fast and take care of my sisters. Olivia and Jamie being the youngest never really understood what was going on I prayed that they would never have to. Katie and my dad was never really in the picture. After abusing me and my mom and being sent to prison for murder he left us alone. Olivia and Jamie's dad is in prison for rape. Damn my family is messed up.


I awake from my flash back and realize that it's 8:30 and our movie starts at 9:20. I hurry up and throw on some skinny jeans with a pink tank. I put on a blue jean jacket to cover my arms. I wanna go more natural but I do look like the walking dead so I put on some base and a little mascara. I straighten my hair and grab my car keys. "love you guys" I yell and walk out the door to go to the movies.

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