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Aracili (ara-cel-ii) Martinez is dating Niall Horan from One Direction. But what she hasnt told them is that she has a twin sister. Why she didnt tell them...She ran away for her dream and some bad things she wanted in life. She was also rejected by her father. their dad wanted her to be like Aracili. And she was tired of it so she ran...What will happen when she comes back and the lads find out? Will Aracili and Niall be over or will there be happiness.


2. Time for a Flash back

Aracili **

"Who is it babe?" I heard Nialls voice from the kitchen.

"No one just the neighbors who left a birthday card." 

All those memories came back to me. She's watching me. Thats what keeps me up. 


After me and niall finished cleaning up we decided to go to bed. "Hey babe ima take a quick shower, Care to join?" He asked with a smirk on his face. 

"Ha ha... Nice try lephrecaun.." i say all sarcastic...He just came up to me gave me one of his famous horan hugs and left to the bathroom.. He puts a smile on my face and always will..



I was scared what if someone say me and knew me or called me Aracili. Well im taking the chances as i leave the note on the floor. And knock. I could hear her yell. So i ran back to my car. Now, Im Liliana.But people who are close to me call me Sochi... I have Brown/black hair and dyed my bangs sort of ..You could say i look like a tumblr girl. I live in a normal house with some of my friends. Diamond, Issyah, Shye, and Jerome..Were like family. How did i get stuck with them....

TIME FOR A FLASH BACK@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

*15 years old.

I feel joy when i dance to Dubstep.Especially with friends.  Wearing some nice ripped jeans. And varsity jacket with a vest over it. And some red converse. You could i was one of those people who would define my style as 'swag'..."Liliana !!" That voice ran through my ears like a water flowing in a tube..My dad...He camae up to me with an angry face. "What do you think your doing !? You look like a fucking delinquent!" He yells at me then grabs me by the arm and yanking me in the house. "Dad why would you do that it isnt fair!!?"

"Look at you what have me and your mother done wrong?" He looked at me with sorrow and hate.

"You did nothing wrong, its what i want in life" 

"Dont be silly..See ..Why cant you be like Aracili..Good and with an appropriate  sense of style"

"Why..Why does it always needs to be about Aracili." 

The my mom walks in with Aracili.

"Sweetheart let her do what she wants in life..Remember what kind of childs we wanted to raise? Childs that go for their ways" My mom yells defending me.

"Dont defend her!? We need to teach her right from wrong! You know that!" 

"You know what dad, Im sick of your bullshit!" I say as i run upstairs. I could hear him calling me and aracili following my steps. 

"Sochi...What are you going to do?" 

I ignore her question and grab a backpack and stuffed it with as many stuff as i can get.

"NO...You cant leave me here!" Aracil yells at me. I run up to her and give her one last hug. "I have to...But just remember,..I'll be back.And i'll be watching you." And those were the last words i told her before i left......



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