one minute

Aracili (ara-cel-ii) Martinez is dating Niall Horan from One Direction. But what she hasnt told them is that she has a twin sister. Why she didnt tell them...She ran away for her dream and some bad things she wanted in life. She was also rejected by her father. their dad wanted her to be like Aracili. And she was tired of it so she ran...What will happen when she comes back and the lads find out? Will Aracili and Niall be over or will there be happiness.


3. Not a chapter**************

i just wanted to say that i will be updating 4 times a week when i can :D okay thats all..


But if you havent favorite and liked then please!! It will mean a lot to me. And there's more to come in the story ;) 

so now.......

  <(o-o)>          party time xp



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