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Aracili (ara-cel-ii) Martinez is dating Niall Horan from One Direction. But what she hasnt told them is that she has a twin sister. Why she didnt tell them...She ran away for her dream and some bad things she wanted in life. She was also rejected by her father. their dad wanted her to be like Aracili. And she was tired of it so she ran...What will happen when she comes back and the lads find out? Will Aracili and Niall be over or will there be happiness.


1. Memory

Aracilli ***

I woke up today feeling special. Why? Its my Birthday!! May 18. Finally it came. But i was also depressed since it brought back memories of someone special. My sister.

To start of about my self. My name is Aracilli Martinez. I am 100% mexican! I can never not be proud of it. I live in Atlanta. I have a awsome family. My boyfriend is the most wonderful thin that has ever came in my life. His name is Niall Horan. Yes , the one and only. He always puts a shine on my face. But one person in my life that I miss so much, is my sister. Her name is Liliana. But people randomly called her Sochi. She would call me Chachi. I Havent seen her in 3 years. She ran away when we were 15. Now were 18. Were looked the same yet different. We both had Dark brown hair that almost looked black. But she had dyed her bangs and mix of blond and brown. She was more of a secret person with style. She loved Jordans, and all of that stuff that people call 'swag'. While i was more of a girly person with skirts and heels. ....

I was tired so i took a shower to wake me up. I went to the bathroom and took a nice shower. When i was finished i put on a tank top with some white shorts. And decided to let my hair dry naturally. It was Saturday so i have no school. I moved out of my house to study at the Institute of Art of Atlanta. Im am studying Design and also go to the other school for singing. I went to the kitchen got out some coco pebbles and ate about 2 bowls of it.......Dont blame me for being hungry. Then a note came to my door...Strange.......I feel scared so i brought a i knife with me..I approached the note slowly and grabbed it to read as it said. 'Go to your bedroom window.'..The main thing that popped in my head was Niall. So i put down my knife and ran upstairs to my room. And straight to the window to reveal a huge teddy bear with a heart on it with another note. 'You can be the peanut butter to my jelly...Now go to the front door.' I laughed at the first part. I ran downstairs wondering if Niall would be at the front door. Well..I was wrong..

(***I bet you thought he would be at the door ;)**) 

I saw a bundle of roses. AWWWWWW....I grabbed them as a another note fell out..It said ' This is the last time.. DONT GET MAD....Now go to your window again.' I put the flowers down and ran up stairs. I saw another note...But no Niall....Its said 'Turn Around'. I did what it told me to do only to see Niall right in my face screaming BOO. I think i also ruined his hearing drum with my ears..Whoops.."OW...My ears...." He said while rubbing his ears. "Niall, dont do that! " i say while hugging him as hard as i can. I can belive he was here in atlanta.!! "Happy Birthday Babe!, you know i wouldnt miss it for the world." . With those word Liliana came to my mind..She was just like that..She would never miss anything special. "What wrong babe?" Niall asked snapping my out of my world.. "Nothing" i say putting on a fake smile. 

You see i never told anyone about Liliana. Not even Niall. "You Hungry?" I asked. "Not Hungry,..But starving!!" I laughed at his response. "What do you want to eat?"  "Lets make cake just for you!" "OK then lets go." I say while giving him a peck the going downstairs with him following. "Lets listen to music while we work our cooking skills!" He says all sassy before playing Dont wake me up by chris brown on my stereo at full volume. We started cooking. But somehow we made it through and actually made a cake!. Thats new..I could tell niall was even shocked. "I cant believe we actually made something!" He says. "I know right"

***After we ate we were started cleaning up and there was a knock on the door. "Dont worry i'll get it" i say to niall who was next to me washing the dishes. He nodded and i headed towards the door opening it to see a note on the floor.

'Dear  Chachi,

I hope you have fun today. Dont worry about me. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and I will never forget about you. And keep your heads up you never know when i'll come back or if im already back. I'll always be watching you boo...Hope you like your present and Happy Birthday!

              Love, S.'

I was on the verge of tears at the moment only to see a picture on the back..It was Me and Her.. 


AN: Hope you like it.. It would be a lot of support if yall like and favorite it for me to keep going. I have other stories that i have stopped cause of the way they where going and i wasnt feeling it so i just stopped those and made this. PLEASE LIKE AND FAVORITE. I'll update tomorrow! 

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