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Aracili (ara-cel-ii) Martinez is dating Niall Horan from One Direction. But what she hasnt told them is that she has a twin sister. Why she didnt tell them...She ran away for her dream and some bad things she wanted in life. She was also rejected by her father. their dad wanted her to be like Aracili. And she was tired of it so she ran...What will happen when she comes back and the lads find out? Will Aracili and Niall be over or will there be happiness.



Aracilli ****************************

I woke up next those bright blue eyes i love to see. Niall was snoring like a pig..But thats one of the things i love about him..I find it cute ^~^

"Morning sunshine" he says in his little tired voice. which i find very attractive ;)

"Morning handsom" i reach over to him to give him a little peck. 

"I think the lads are visiting atlanta today" 


"yea..they said that the where sorry the couldnt be here yesterday so theyre coming today." 

YES!!!! i havent seen them in forever..Hopefully they bring the girls!!. 

"and yes they are bringing the girls so you guys can go have a tea party!" He says all girly.. I just sat there and chuckled at that response. 


My and Niall just finished eating breakfast so now me and him are laying down on the couch cuddling watching tv. Everything was quiet and perfect. Until there was a knock following by crazy screams. They were so wierd.. I could tell it was the lads and the girls cause all they were saying/yelling was 'Yoohoo!!love birds open the door for the little gummy bears!'..I knew eleanor yelled that since she was just like louis... I groaned as niall followed me to the door opening it. I shouldnt have been right in the middle cause the next thing i noticed was 7 people running towards me knocking me to the floor.."Oww.!!" "sorry." i could her Zayn say from all they way ontop of me.  Once they all got off i could finally breather! "Aracili! i havent seen you in like who knows how long" Dani says while running up to me with the other girls.. "Well now that were all here...We cant celebrate Aracili's late birthday by going...SHOPPING!!" Louis yells at the top of his lungs....

Well i guess its shopping time!!! 


a/n sorry for the short chapter!! its late and im bout to get in trouble for being on the computer this late o-o...Well BYE ALL OF YOU GUMMY BEARS...I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep supporting this story to let me know that you want it to keep going...Now one again...PARTY TIME



      /\   xp...bye bye Gummies!!!

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