Once in a Lifetime! *Shattered Glass Series*

I'm the nicest person you could meet. I'm sweet, kind and caring. School's a pain and home isn't any better.. I could never really go to anyone except my guy friend Josh, but my parents don't like him. The one person I can go to is someone I don't really even know. Someone I haven't even met. And his name's Joey Graceffa. He's a youtuber and he makes me laugh all the time. I have a crush on him and would die to meet him. But It will never happen...maybe... Never give up hope.


8. "Where's Joey?"

Isabella's POV

     "Isabella wake up. Wake up! It's time to get ready to go to Vidcon!" I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock, 9:30am. I hate getting up early. I looked up at Kassie and she was wearing some jean's, a Bro shirt. For PewDiepie and some sneakers. I got up and said "I like your outfit!" "Thank's." Kassie said. I walked into the bathroom. I curled my hair and brushed my teeth ect. I went to my room and put on some jeans and "I'm a Psychopath" shirt and put on some flip flops. I met Kassie in the living room. I went in and said "I'm ready to go!" "Ok." We walked to the car and got in. Kassie started it up and we headed to Vidcon! "So Isabella? You excited to see Joey?" "Yes. I'm so happy! I want to give this letter to him." I said showing her a letter. "Well we will be there in less then 5 minutes!" She was right. Less then 5 minutes we pulled into the parking lot.

     We got out and headed to the door. Kassie opened it and I walked in. "Thank you good sir!" "Your Welcome madam." Kassie said. The place was huge! There were lines and lines of people lining up already to be the first to see there favorite youtuber. I thought. I would go to Joey last so he would remember me. So who should be go to first? I looked farther on the list and saw Pewdiepie's name on it. "Kassie let's go see Pewdiepie first!" "Ok!" We found his line and it was kinda long. About 20 minutes later we got to the front. "Hi." we both said at the same time. "Hi guys! How are you today?" "Great what about you?" "I'm good! Oh I like your shirt by the way. Do u want be to sign it?" Pewdiepie asked Kassie. "Sure!" He signed the back and then we both said Goodbye. 

     "Kassie what did he sign?" "I don't know? Check it and see what it says for me!" I said. I turned her around and said "It say's "Hope you have a great day! Love Pewdiepie. Brofist!" "Awww! He's so cute isn't he?" Kassie asked. "Well yeah but he doesn't compare to Joey." We check the list again and I said "Ummm..lets'...Oh! Let's go see Shane Dawson!" "Ok." We walked to his line and it was empty. People probably came to him early. We walked right up to him and said "Hi!" "Hi Guys! Nice to meet you! Where you from?" "Nevada." "Cool. Oh I like your shirt. Ssshh he's my boyfriend.. Lol Can I sign it?" Shane asked me. I laughed and said "Sure." While he was signing it I said "By the way he's my boyfriend. Not your's." After Shane finished he said "I don't think so." I laughed again and said "Where is his line?" "I don't know. Check the list!" "Ok Thank you! I love your videos! Bye!" I said. While we were walking away he said "Thank's!"

     We got back to the list and I checked it. Joey's name wasn't on it. I checked it about another 3 times and he wasn't on it. "Kassie his name isn't on here!" "What!? That can't be right! Let me check!" Kassie said. While Kassie was checking I started to think *He's not here. Great I will NEVER meet him..* Kassie turned to me and said "He's not on here. Check his twitter!" "Good Idea!" I said. I pulled out my phone and went on his twitter. My worst nightmares came true. The last tweet he wrote was "Sorry guys! I have some stuff to do and can't go to Vidcon this year! I hope you guys aren't mad! Love you guys!" I literally started crying. "Isabella it's ok! Please stop crying!" "How can I not cry? Can we just leave? I don't want to be here anymore." "Ok." Kassie said.

     We walked back to the car and hopped in. We drove home and had to wait in traffic forever! We finally got through and drove down our street. We pulled in the driveway and I looked over and saw a guy get out of his car. He had tight jeans on, a striped shirt and looked just like Joey. I got out and before I could get a better look he was in already inside. He looked SO much like Joey. I brushed it off and walked in. I walked up to my room and opened my computer. I pulled up my twitter and tweeted *Didn't get to see *Joey Graceffa* at Vidcon today. I was really sad. I really only wanted to go to see him. All while. Maybe next year! :'(*


Hi Guy's! Wanted to just say that I will not be updating until Monday! Tomorrow me and my friend is going to the movies and Sunday I have to concert and we are spending the night up there! Comment below if u want be to tell u how it was. Please heart, Favorite and fan me! I always fan back!





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