Once in a Lifetime! *Shattered Glass Series*

I'm the nicest person you could meet. I'm sweet, kind and caring. School's a pain and home isn't any better.. I could never really go to anyone except my guy friend Josh, but my parents don't like him. The one person I can go to is someone I don't really even know. Someone I haven't even met. And his name's Joey Graceffa. He's a youtuber and he makes me laugh all the time. I have a crush on him and would die to meet him. But It will never happen...maybe... Never give up hope.


15. "Truth or Dare?"

Isabella's POV

     Joey was in the shower when there was a knock at the door. I walked over to it and opened it. It was Kassie and Luke. I think they would be a cute couple. But Luke is 32 I think and Kassie is 20. Going to be 21 in a couple months. Age is just a number right? Anyway Kassie's never said that she had a crush on Luke. But I knew she did! "Hey guys! How's it going?" "Good! What about you?" Kassie asked. "Nothing much. Just watching tv. Joey's in the shower. Guess what game we are going to be playing later?" "I don't know what?" Luke asked. "Truth or dare!" "Wow. Ok it's ok with me." Luke said. We all walked into the living room and sat down. Then Joey walked in and said "Hey guys!" "Hi!' They both said. "So we will start playing the game when Anthony and his girlfriend get home. "Ok." I said. Joey sat down with just pants on and no shirt. He was hot. We all talked about what Kassie and Luke was up too. They said they have just been hanging out. Like me and Joey has been.

    Joey's phone went off and he looked down and then said "Well looks like Anthony and his girlfriend aren't coming home tonight. I guess we will start the game then?" "Sure." I said. "So who goes first?" Luke asked. "Um lets go around the circle starting with me." Joey said. "Ok." We all said. "Ok Truth or Dare Luke?" "Umm thats a hard one. I'll be a big boy and go with dare." "Ok do a strip tease for umm Kassie. You have to take off your shirt!" Joey said. I looked at Kassie and she looked happy and scared at the same time. Luke got up and went in front of Kassie. Joey started playing *Sexy Back* by Justin Timberlake and I started laughing. I don't know why. Luke started slowly taking off his shirt. Kassie covered her eyes and pecked through them. Luke got his whole shirt off and Kassie looked up at Luke. Then he sat back down and Joey said "Ok Kassie it's your turn." "Ok. Umm.., Kassie looked at me and I shaked me head no, Umm Joey truth or dare?" "Um I'm a total chicken at this game. So I'm going with truth." Joey said. "Ok um out of all your videos which one was your funnest one to make?" "I had a lot of videos I liked recording but I have to say the "YouTube Awards Video* I did with Isabella was my favorite! It was so fun!" "Oh Isabella you never told me you did a video with Joey!" Kassie said.

   "Yeah well I totally forgot to tell you." "Yeah sure." Kassie said. "Ok Luke's it's your turn!" Joey said. "Ok Isabella truth or dare?"  "Um Dare!" "Ok Umm. Let me think. Oh I got it!" As he was about to say something Kassie tapped him on the shoulder and whispered something in his ear while looking at me! Joey looked at me and said "Oh it's coming to you!" "Thanks!" I said. I was so nervous at what he was going to say. He could say anything! I just hope it doesn't have me take off any clothes. "Ok Isabella I dare you to.....

*To be Continued!*


Hi guys! Sorry it's short. Like really short. But I never ended a story at a part where people are like *OMG!! Update now! I need to know what happens next.* So I will have the next chapter up like later later tonight. Or tomorrow morning!" Please favorite, heart and fan me! I always fan back! Oh and thank you so much for the 20 fans!!!




P.S Did any of you see Joey's live stream? It was amazing!



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