Once in a Lifetime! *Shattered Glass Series*

I'm the nicest person you could meet. I'm sweet, kind and caring. School's a pain and home isn't any better.. I could never really go to anyone except my guy friend Josh, but my parents don't like him. The one person I can go to is someone I don't really even know. Someone I haven't even met. And his name's Joey Graceffa. He's a youtuber and he makes me laugh all the time. I have a crush on him and would die to meet him. But It will never happen...maybe... Never give up hope.


9. "Strawberry Yogurt Shake with a side of Joey."

Isabella's POV

      I woke up to the sun shining through the windows. It was a beautiful day! For some reason I have been wanted to go to a yogurt shop since we're got here. I got out of bed and got dressed and just put my hair in a messy bun. I decided this would be my lazy day. After that I walked into the living room. I saw Kassie in there watching the 12 o clock news. "Hey Kassie! How was your morning?" "Good what about you?" "Good! Hey do u know if there's any yogurt shops close by?" I asked. "Umm...well..I did see a Fruity Tardy Yogurt Shop a couple blocks away from here. Why?" "Because I really want yogurt! Do you want to go with me?" "Sure!" Kassie said. She went into the kitchen and got her purse and I grabbed my purse from the chair in the living room and we headed out. We got on the sidewalk and walked about 4 blocks when we spotted it. 

    We walked in and we got in line. It was kinda a long line. It was ok because I had no idea what I wanted. I looked at the list and they had blueberry, lime, and others but none of those sounded good. Kassie tapped on my shoulder and said "I want the blueberry shake. I'm going to go get us a seat ok?" "Ok!" I said. I got to the front and I still had no idea what I wanted. "Hello. Welcome to Fruity Tardy Yogurt Shop. How may I help you?" "Yes Hi! Um I would like a blueberry shake and umm sorry I'm new here I have now idea what I want." I was just standing there looking at the list. I felt bad because I was holding up the line. Then someone tapped me on the shoulder and said "Your new around here? If you don't mind me you should try the Strawberry banana split shake it's very good!" I turned around and couldn't believe my eyes! It was freaking Joey Graceffa! 

   He had messy hair and gym clothes on. He must of just got out of the gym! He looked freaking hot! "Umm Hi! Yeah I'm new here. Are you Joey Graceffa?" He looked into my eyes and said "Yes! Are you a fan?" "Yes of coarse! I love your videos! No I'm not a fan! I'm a psychopath!" I said. He laughed and I turned back around real quick and said "I will also like to have the Strawberry Banana split please!" "Ok that will be $5.98." I handed him the money and I moved to the side. Joey ordered and got the same as me! I then thought I was going to die! It's like meeting your idol! The guy came over and handed me the shakes and I said Thank you. I sat the drinks down and opened my purse and got the letter out. The one I was going to give to Joey at Vidcon. I tapped on his shoulder and said "Here's a letter I want you to read! I was going to give it to you at Vidcon but you wasn't there." He grabbed the letter and said "Thank you! I will read it later and sorry I couldn't go." 

    "It's ok. Well see u later." I said grabbing the shakes. "See you later." he said while I was walking toward Kassie. I sat down and handed her her shake. "Geez about time you got back." "Hey shut up! You will never believe what just happened!" "What?" Kassie asked. "Well I meet Joey Graceffa! I even gave him the letter!" Kassie's face was blank. "Wow Congratulations!" "Thank's!" I said. I started drinking the shake and saw Joey leave. His car was right in front of us out the window! He got in and started it up and he saw me. He waved and I waved back and he left. I wish I could have talked to him more.

Joey's POV

     I pulled onto the highway and handed home. That girl back there was really nice and pretty I have to say. It's still weird when fans come up to me or give me stuff. She was different though. I was just trying to help her because I could tell she wasn't from here. I'm just a nice person! I pulled into the driveway and saw that Anthony and his girlfriend Kalel wasn't home. They must be out. There so cute together! I grabbed my shake and the letter and got out. I opened the door and then closed it. I walked down to my room and sat the shake down on the desk. I grabbed the letter and opened it, and It said 

        Dear Joey,

    Hi! My name's Isabella and I'm 18 years old. I live in Nevada and love your videos! You really don't know how much you make me smile! If I'm having a bad day I can always watch you and become happy! I just got out of school and will be in Los Angeles for a month. My friend Kassie's parents rented a house and everything for us! It was a gift for her and she invited me! I was so excited because she also had tickets to Vidcon. I was happy because I was finally going to meet you! Your my idol! I also have a crush on you. But that's no new news for you. All your girl followers probably have a crush on you. Please don't stop making videos! I would die if you did. I just wanted to Thank you for helping me through some pretty harsh times! Me and Kassie probably won't have anything to do so if you have time. I'm not saying you have too. But if you have time then maybe we can hang out! As friends of coarse! My number is 611-4110. 

Love your psychopath fan,

Isabella <3

     She seems really nice. I might hang out with her. She seems fun and cool to hang out with too. Right at this moment I don't really have any big plans to do so I might call her tomorrow! Well see how it goes.


Hi guys! Haha she FINALLY meets him. lol Anyway the concert was great! It was freaking loud. I have exciting news! So we all know that 1D is having a 2014 tour. Well my mom said she might get me VIP and front row seats next year!!!! Sorry I didn't upload yesterday! Please Heart, Favorite and fan me! I always fan back! 




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