Once in a Lifetime! *Shattered Glass Series*

I'm the nicest person you could meet. I'm sweet, kind and caring. School's a pain and home isn't any better.. I could never really go to anyone except my guy friend Josh, but my parents don't like him. The one person I can go to is someone I don't really even know. Someone I haven't even met. And his name's Joey Graceffa. He's a youtuber and he makes me laugh all the time. I have a crush on him and would die to meet him. But It will never happen...maybe... Never give up hope.


7. "Los Angeles!"

*5 day's later*

Isabella's POV

     I pulled up to the airport. I looked over at Kassie and said "Are you ready?" "Yes!" she said. We got out and gave the car to a guy to park. I picked up my carry on bag and suit case. We walked in and I looked down at my airplane ticket. Our plane leaves at noon and we have to get to Gate 175. We were on plane A 147. I looked at my watch and it was 11:00am. "Ok Kassie we have to get out bags to the bag place or whatever it's called and we also have to go through security." I said, "Oh ok there's the security line!" Kassie said. We walked over to them and they checked through our bags and checked us. Just to make sure we didn't have any drugs on us. We got through and then we headed to the bag drop off!

    They quickly checked through our bags again and put tags on them and put them through a little door. I grabbed my carry on bag which had my computer, phone and some books to read. It will be a 7 hour ride. Next we headed to out gate and sat down in the sits and waited for them to call us on. They were playing music and "Troublemaker" by Olly Murs came on and I got up and started dancing and singing. Kassie got up with me. We looked like weirdo's. Everyone looked at us. When the song ended we sat down and me and Kassie talked about everything. We talked about how we should to London, England before we go to college. We talked about One Direction. That's our favorite band. 

    One Direction's song "She's Not Afraid" came on. I love that song. Then a voice came on and said "Anyone on flight A 147 come to Gate 175. We will be boarding you now. We walked over and they checked our ticket and then let us on. I couldn't finish the song. All while. We got to our seat's. We sat down and settled in. A couple minutes later a voice came on and said "Please turn off any devices. Please put your seat belt on and we will be going in a couple minutes. I put the seat belt on and looked over at Kassie. Neither of us were scared to fly. They started the plane and we took off. I looked out and saw the scenes. It looked pretty. Goodbye Nevada! Hello Los Angeles and Joey!

     I took out my computer and put my headphones in. I went on twitter and saw that Joey said "Vidcons tomorrow!!! Can't wait to see all my fans! Love you all! Bye!" Well I know now for sure that he's going! I went on youtube and watch some PewDiePie! I love his videos too! I watch about a couple hours of videos and then turned the computer off. I layed back and went to sleep. Nect thing I knew Kassie was shaking me saying we were there. I grabbed my bag and we went off the plane and headed to pick up our bags. We got there and stood there waiting forever! "Geez they take forever to give our bags back!" "I know right? It's about 7pm now. When we get to our house we should go to bed. We have to get up early for Vidcon tomorrow!" "Ok." I said. 

    We finally got out bags and we headed outside. Kassie's parents already got our car so all we had to do was give the guy outside the ticket for our car and he would go get it. The guy pulled up in a really nice car. "Wow! Kassie how much did your parents pay for this vacation?" "Um about 10,000 dollars!" "Wow. Well Thank You again for bringing me!" I said. "Your Welcome! I wouldn't wan to bring anyone else." We pulled out the airport and headed to our house. About 30 minutes later we were in downtown Loa Angeles. It was amazing! Everyone was out. It was like Las Vegas at night! About another 5 minutes we got to out house. It wasn't that far from downtown. 

    We got to the house and it had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathroom's. A living room, kitchen, dining room and pool. It was awesome! Kassie's parents are amazing! We settled in in our different rooms and I turned on the tv. The channel's were totally different then where I lived! So I didn't know which of my favorite shows were on! I decided to just go to bed. I went into Kassie's room first and said "Goodnight! See you tomorrow!" "Ok see you tomorrow! You get to see Joey tomorrow!" "I know I'm excited! Well goodnight!" I said. "Goodnight." Kassie said. I went into my room pulled the covers down and got in. I put my headphones in and fell asleep listening to music.


I'm so excited! My 1D concert is in 3 days! I'm freaking out! I maybe will update tomorrow. I don't know yet. If I don't the next time I will update is on Monday! I love you guys! Please heart, Favorite and fan back! I always fan back!




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