Once in a Lifetime! *Shattered Glass Series*

I'm the nicest person you could meet. I'm sweet, kind and caring. School's a pain and home isn't any better.. I could never really go to anyone except my guy friend Josh, but my parents don't like him. The one person I can go to is someone I don't really even know. Someone I haven't even met. And his name's Joey Graceffa. He's a youtuber and he makes me laugh all the time. I have a crush on him and would die to meet him. But It will never happen...maybe... Never give up hope.


6. "I'm Sorry."

Isabella's POV

     I looked down at my phone. I ether text Josh and tell him that we have to hold on our friendship or text Kassie and tell her I can't go with her. Thus is a hard decision. I love them both to death! I don't want to hurt ether of there feelings. It's like picking one friend over the other. After thinking and thinking for about an hour I finally made my choice. I picked up my phone and sent the message.

Josh's POV

    I was at my friends house playing video games when I got a text. My friend turned to me and said "Oh it might be Isabella! Maybe she changed her mind!" "Let's hope." I said. I opened up the text and felt like  she broke one for piece off of my heart. "Bro? Are u ok?" "No not at all." "Why what did she say?" "She said her mom made her make a horrible decision. It was ether her going to Los Angeles with her friend and not talk to me all summer. Or her be able to hang out with me and not be able to go to Los Angeles. Dude...She...said..her goodbyes." He pulled me into a hug and said "I'm so sorry. It's ok. You'll be able to talk to her after the summer right?" "Yeah that's what she said. But that's not what I'm thinking. After the summer she's going to college. She won't have any time for me." I said. 

    "Don't think that way. Think positive!" We sat there and then he started the game again. How could she do this to me? I'm her best friend. I helped her though hard times and everything. It's like she hit me in the stomach a thousand times, and it's all for that dumb boy Joey! She doesn't even know him! She hasn't even meet him yet. I'm just heart broken. That's all.

Kassie's POV

   "Kassie it's time for supper!" my mom said. "Ok be right down!" I was about to walk out my room when I got a text from Isabella! The text said "I can go with you! I hope your happy. I had to say goodbye to Josh for you. It was ether you or Josh." Wow she picked me over him? That's very shocking because when they were little they did everything together. I mean EVERYTHING! When she had to pick between a friend to spend the night. She always picked Josh. They have been through a lot! The day when her dad found out that Josh's friend robbed that place her dad went crazy on him that day!

*3 Years Ago*

Isabella's POV

    I looked over at Josh who was drawing something on his note pad. We were in my room just hanging out. I went over to him and said "What u drawing?" "Here look for yourself." I looked down and on the not pad it said "Isabella and Josh. Friends for Life." "Aww that's sweet." I said. Then all of a sudden my dad comes slamming through the door and grabbing Josh by his jacket. "Dad let go. Dad I said let go. What u doing?" "Isabella your not aloud to ever see this guy again! Do u hear me! Never!" "Why." I asked. "Guess what just came on the news today. One of Josh's friends was caught today robbing a place. Almost killed someone." I looked over at Josh and he had a blank face.

    "So that's his friend not him! He hasn't even seen his friend for days! He's been with me!" "I don't care Isabella! I don't want you around this crap! He could do things to! You don't know." He grabbed Josh's jacket and pulled him out of my room and to the front door. He threw him out and then said "Don't ever come back here! And don't ever be around my daughter!" I hit my dad and said "I can't believe you just did that! I hate you! I hate you! I wish you would die! Leave me alone!"

*Present Day*

Isabella's POV

   I have to say that was the hardest choice I had to make. I now must start packing because we will be leaving soon! Yay! Here I come Los Angeles! Here I come Joey!

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