Age Is Just A Number

Hello my names Darcy Styles Im sixteen and my father is yes the one and only Harry Styles from the British/Irish boy band One Direction and life isnt as precious as it used to be when my dad finds out i have feeling for my uncle Niall


17. this isnt goodbye


Darcys POV

we ended up falling asleep cuddling and I was woken up to my phone ringing I answered completely forgetting about this morning

*phone convo between darcy and her mum*


m:Darcy Marie Styles get home now and bring your uncle or boyfriend with you

d: ok ok im coming

m: bye

I hung up and kissed nialls cheek "baby wake up we have to go my house" his eyes open slowly "why?? your dad's gonna kill me babe" he said sleeply "come on maybe they will let us stay together if we just explain" I said trying to sound hopeful "mkay lets get ready and go

--The Styles House--

Niall was about to knock "babe its my house we can just walk in" I giggled and opened my door and there was my mom and dad sitting on the couch looking at us my dad was fuming you could see the anger in his eyes "daddy please listen" I said hopeful that he would "no Darcy be quite for a minute, Niall we talked about this you were supposed to be her uncle nothing else your so much older than her your older than me and im her dad so you are old enough to be her dad and the fact that you slept with her before made me want to kill you but I let it slide because we talked about it but the fact that you both went behind my back while dating and than I get a call from Louis saying he caught you guys in bed together this makes two times I could get you for rape and you could go to jail do you even know that you fucking changed her diapers when she was a baby " my dad was yelling at this point and niall was looking ashamed at the ground that's when I looked over past Niall and saw my a suitcase and my duffle bag "why is my stuff packed in the suitcase" I looked at both my parents and my mum looked guilty "because we are sending you to America to live with your mums sister, your aunt Jessica until your 18 and you may come back when your 18 but you should know they have very good collages there" my dad spoke I burst in tears "this is so unfair don't I get a say? mum you cant let him do this"i saw Niall and my mum both on the edge of tears "im sorry sweetie but this is for the best" she spoke softly "no you cant do this to me I HATE YOU BOTH" I screamed and ran up stairs and I heard my mum burst into tears I heard foot steps coming into my room "what do you want" I spat at my dad "Darcy we need to leave your plane leaves in 30 minutes" he said softly he still looked hurt from what I said earlier "I am going no where with you Niall and Luke can take me 'if that's what you want" he said I got up and saw luke in my door way ive never seen him cry except from when he was little and he has tears streaming down his face I ran to his embrace and we walked down stairs niall had my stuff in the car already I didn't even say goodbye to my parents

--at the airport--

me and luke just got done hugging we both stayed silent then I went to Niall I hugged him so tight and broke down again "hey this isn't goodbye its see you later please don't cry baby" "I love you so much Ni" "I love you too" and with that I walked to security after I was through I waved goodbye they both waved back then I boarded the plane and sent off to California

The End

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