Age Is Just A Number

Hello my names Darcy Styles Im sixteen and my father is yes the one and only Harry Styles from the British/Irish boy band One Direction and life isnt as precious as it used to be when my dad finds out i have feeling for my uncle Niall


5. this cant be happening

*Nialls P.O.V*

I cant believe i slept with my best mates daughter last night although it was incredible and to find out that she had the same feelings was amazing wait what am i thinking shes 16 and im 34 god this is illegal not to mention wrong on so many levels.

  *Darcys P.O.V*

So im no longer a virgin and i lost it to the person i truly love! i looked at the time and the clock said 11:30am omg the games at 1 and i have to be there by 12:30 i ran to the shower after that i found a blow dryer and plugged in the flat iron still in my towel i started on my make-up i did blue and silver (our school colors) eye shadow after foundation powder and blush then i did bottom eye liner to make my eyes pop and mascara and after i brushed my teeth i put on a clear coat of lip gloss and by the time i was done my flat iron was hot so i pulled my hair into a high pony and curled perfect ringlets into the pony and put my blue and silver bow in then i ran to the room and put on my uniform the skirt was really short and was blue with silver sparkles while the top only covered my chest but showed clevage and had long sleeves the shirt was blue and has big silver letters that had VHS acrossed the chest area when i was done it was 12:15pm so i ran down stairs and saw Niall on his phone "hey Niall can you give me a ride to school theres a big game and you can stay and watch Lucas and Brendan are playing so" "of course Darcy" so he dropped me off and said he had to run a  couple of arrins when i was being spotted in the air i saw niall....MAKING OUT WITH DEMI LAVOTO i quickly got my smile back on my face before anyone could notice after the game Niall and his slut came up to me "hey princess you were really good" he said smiling like nothing was wrong couldnt he tell how bad he hurt me "umm thanks uncle niall but can we just go back to your place i need to get my stuff and take off to the party" i said awkwardly "yeah of course dear" "i'll see you tonight babe" he said and kissed Demi and we walked off the car ride was pretty silent until he broke it " i mean it Darc you were really good" he said trying to break the awkwardness but i was so frustrated so i said " thanks well you were pretty good at breaking my heart" i said looking out the window " Darcy im sorry but last night was a mistake" he said the crushed me i didnt talk the rest of the was when we got to his flat i got out and ran to the guest bedroom locked the door and started crying my eyes out how could this be happening i heard a knock "go away" i yelled "Darcy we need to talk about this please open the door" niall said so i got up and opened it with my bag on my shoulder so I could leave after "whats their to talk about last night you stole my virginity called me babe took me to my cheer game came with your obvious girlfriend made out with her broke my heart like ripped it out of my chest tore it into pieces put it into a blender until their was nothing left now here we are" i said on the edge of tears "Darcy im sorry but your my best mates daughter and im sorry i took advantage of you but i love Demi" he said i just ran down the stairs and he came after me he went to touch me and i snapped " dont touch me I HATE YOU!!" i screamed running out the door when i finally got home i ran through the door thank god my parents had to work but Lucas was home i dropped my bag and ran to him he engulfed me in a hug "whats wrong sis" he asked so i explained everything "omg Darcy like uncle niall im going to kill him" he took a blanket wrapped me up and we cuddled till i drifted to sleep    

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