Age Is Just A Number

Hello my names Darcy Styles Im sixteen and my father is yes the one and only Harry Styles from the British/Irish boy band One Direction and life isnt as precious as it used to be when my dad finds out i have feeling for my uncle Niall


8. The Truth Comes Out

*Darcys P.O.V*

I ran into the house crying i couldnt help but think about him. he was the most amazing person i knew not someone i expected to hurt me. i ran for my room and shut the door well more of slammed it shut moments later i heard a knock and my door open it was my dad i really needed him "whats wrong babygirl" "its nothing daddy im fine just teenage hormones you know?" well what was i supposed to say i cant tell him "Darcy honey i think we both know thats a lie your brother told me about the boy whats his name Darcy" Lucas how could u tell dad i kept thinking to my self the those last 4 words 'whats his name Darcy' "i cant tell you daddy ur gonna hate me" i said starting to cry harder "Darcy i could never hate u everyone makes mistakes sweetie and this guy did by letting u go now how bout that name" "Uncle Niall" the words slipped out i covered my mouth and cried harder i could tell he was angry disappointed "Darcy your not going to that party tonight" "dad thats so unfair" " no Darcy your not going because im calling Niall and your mother and were going to talk about this then u may go to the party" i sighed in relief and sacredness hes coming over oh god" ok daddy" he got up and walked out to call them i heard my mom come in and ran to my room she hugs me tight and we just lay there then theirs a knock my dad gets it "Hey Hazza h-" he was cut off "Niall save it just sit down ill be right back" i hear his footsteps come up the stairs and in to my room all i do is nod my mom grabs a blanket and wraps it around me as soon as i see him i break crying i feel my dad pick me up in a bridal position and i feel him sit on down with me on his lap my mum brings me coco then my dad speaks up " so Niall u take a 16year olds virginity go to her game kiss another girl then tell her last night was a mistake u have mental issues and what makes this worse shes my daughter Ni" my dads practically screaming now hes about to hit Niall i can tell i jump up and run infront of him "daddy dont, stop hes your best mate dont ruin it over stupid me im nothing" i dropped to the ground right about when i was gonna hit i felt a pair of arms catch me i could tell they werent my dads of course Niall the heartbreaker to the rescue he spins me around "Darcy ur not stupid, your the smartest girl i know" he says starring into my eyes but it was to late for compliments "but see if i was smart i would of gone to uncle louis's liam's or zayn's house not yours i wouldnt of slept with u their wouldnt be any mistakes" i just run to the bathroom and lock the door 'thats it im getting out of here i grab the dress i was wearing to wear to the party did my make-up fixed my curls and snuck out the window  i ran to the party i had stilettos on yea but its not that hard to run when i got there i had drinks the rest is a blurr  

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