Age Is Just A Number

Hello my names Darcy Styles Im sixteen and my father is yes the one and only Harry Styles from the British/Irish boy band One Direction and life isnt as precious as it used to be when my dad finds out i have feeling for my uncle Niall


14. the dinner


Darcy's pov*

we laid there in silence for a few until he finally spoke "you wanna go swimming for a few" i loved to swim and i loved him so of course im going to combine the 2 things i love "of course babe" i got up and pecked his lips before grabbing my bag and taking out my bikini "i'll be right back" i said walking out of the room "you know you could change in here love its nothing i havent seen" oh god "ur cute but not gonna happen babe see u in a minute" i blew him a kiss and went and got changed when i came out he had his back turned grabbing the towels i ran up and jumped on his back i wrapped my legs around his waist and started to have a little fun i started sucking on his neck i ended up giving him a huge hickey "your mine" i whispered "oh ur gonna regret that"he said laughing "yea whatcha gonna do about it"i said he dropped the towels and ran down the stairs with me still on his back "niaaall dont pleaseeee im-" before i could finish he jumped into the pool when we came up from underwater laughing "thats not funny i wasnt ready" i pouted "awww baby im sorry forgive me?" i tried to hide my smile as i shook my head no he came up and kissed my for a couple minutes my legs wrapped around his waist when we broke apart he smiled and so did i "am i forgiven?" i smiled a shook my head "mmm not quite yet but your really close" he laughed then came and kissed me i wrapped my arms around his neck it started getting pretty heated he had pinned up against the pool wall u didnt even notice that someone opened the front door until we heard "hey niall, are you home" crap it was my dad "go hide in the shed" i ran into the shed and closed the doors u heard their conversation "umm yea harry in the pool" i saw my dad walk out the shed has windows "oh hey i wanted to know if you wanted to go to the club you could bring Demi" ugh i hate her i know shes part of the plan but i dont like anyone touching him that sounds bad but hes MY boyfriend "uhh no harry i think im gonna stay in for the night im kinda tired" my dad looks disappointed his back is now facing me so niall is facing me i started making funny faces in the window trying to make him laugh i succeeded he let out a loud i quickly ducked as my dad looked around "umm niall whats so funny" my dad asked confused "oh uhh just remembered something" he seemed to believe it "ok well at least come to the family dinner im about to call Darcy to come home for it the other lads will meet us their" oh god please dont call right now my phones in the house "um ok yea sure" "ok great ill meet you at nandos" i swear i saw nialls face burst with excitement "ok bye" and with that my dad left i got out ran and jumped on him "we dont have to go we can continue what we were doing before we were so rudely interrupted by my father" i said hoping he would blow it off "see maybe any other day but he said nandos and im hungry sorry love"uh hes always hungry oh well i love him "and you parked your car in my garage right i hope ur dad didnt see it" see im smart i had lizzie and emily come by and get it so the paparazzi would see me or my car "nope but u dont have to worry about it""ok lets go get ready love" "my offer still stands about staying" he just came a picked me up and through  me over his shoulder and jogged upstairs  after we got ready we took the same car he was just gonna say he picked me up 

*at dinner*

we sat at a huge table in a private room it i sat next to niall with him in my right lucas on my left next to lucas was brendan next to brendan was his mom then dad next to louis was liam and dani next to them was zayn and perrie then my parents then back to niall 

mom:so what were u and the girls doing darc

me:oh nothing just having a twerk party

wow thats all i could think of 

dad:i didnt need to know that my daughter twerks

brendan: i did, i know what my dreams will be about tonight 

lucas: dude watch your mouth thats my sister

louis:brendan outside now 

i felt niall now really tense i just wanted to kiss him and let him know im his but i couldnt so i grabbed his hand and intertwined our fingers he gave my hand a squeeze when the food comes the boys arent back yetso aunt el gets it togo and she takes the food and they leave when we were eating i felt a hand on my thigh i looked down to see nialls hand inching up my thigh i grabbed it and put it on his own lap he stops or so i thought i felt his hand back on my thigh but at the time i was about to move it i got a text from lucas 

lucas: you do know i can see u guys right... just eww

i laughed

me: i moved his hand but he wont keep it to him self and deal with it

he laughed

lucas: well then its obvious he wants in your pants but tell him to keep his hands to him self ti'll after dinner please i'd like to eat

me:hmmm maybe i should torture u

lucas:please dont im keeping your secret sissy

i was about to reply when i gasped i started coughing on my food and niall continued to finger me

lucas:please tell me he isnt doing what i think he is....oh god im gonna be sick

"darcy are u ok whats wrong" uncle liam asked concerned

"ahhh"i moaned "umm nothing may i be excused"

"umm sure" my mom said unsure about it

niall removed his finger as i was walking out i heard them talking about it then i heard niall say he would come check in me i pulled him into the bathroom "infront of my parents and lucas saw really ni?" i said kinda upset he smirked and bit his bottom lip he finished me off wow this was a intersting dinner  



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