Age Is Just A Number

Hello my names Darcy Styles Im sixteen and my father is yes the one and only Harry Styles from the British/Irish boy band One Direction and life isnt as precious as it used to be when my dad finds out i have feeling for my uncle Niall


7. photo shoots and suprises?

*Darcys P.O.V*

I hopped in my pink ford mustang the GT500 convertible and drove to the shoot. When i arrived i hurried in i was 5 minutes late "Darcy your late"Dustin said disjointedly " I know Dustin just family drama again you know" Dustin also had a lot of family drama so he understood seeming his moms Carrie Underwood "just go right in your doing thong,boy shorts, then hipsters today" "ok thanks Dust" and with that i hurried and got changed the thong was green and had silver sparkles all over the bra was a push up but the bra was green with studs on the upper part of the cups me,Lizzie, and Emily  were posing for the lets get crazy pictures since i was a cheerleader they had me with pom poms since Liz was a dancer they had her in the oops i did it again pose and Em was so innocent so they had her blowing a kiss towards the camera we looked pretty hot i had to admit then things got awkward Dustin walked in and said i had a guest so i expected it to be a a close friend or someone so i told Dustin they could come in i didnt bother putting my robe on the door creaked but i was looking at my phone when i felt a pair of arms wrap around me i thought it couldnt be true he smelt different i turned around and screamed it was.....BRENDAN "Brendan what are you doing here" i nearly yelled "well nice to see you to" he laughed with i smirk "oh crap" i realized i needed my robe i dashed acrossed the room and putnit on fast he just stood their "so are you going to tell me why your here" i asked breaking the silence "well your brother said you were going to that party tonight" "ok but that doesn't explain why your here at my job" i hissed the last part "ok u caught me i just wanted to see what u looked like and god im glad i did" "ok get out before i call security NOW" "Ok Darc see you at the party" with that he left and i finished the photo shoot and left for home to get ready i hoped tonight could take my mind off one person  

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