Age Is Just A Number

Hello my names Darcy Styles Im sixteen and my father is yes the one and only Harry Styles from the British/Irish boy band One Direction and life isnt as precious as it used to be when my dad finds out i have feeling for my uncle Niall


9. old friends reunited

*Darcys P.O.V*

i dont remember much from the party last night but want i do is i swear i saw my old friend Jessica we were best friends in junior high she even knew about the whole crushing on the uncle thing but i would know that black long hair, hazel eyes, soft pink lips, long eyelashes, and perfect tanned skin anywhere even if i was a little drunk she was 13 the last time i saw her she was going into eighth while i was going to be a freshmen so we lost touch i cant believe its been two years that means shes 15 man i miss her i felt someone tap on my shoulder and it was Jessica i screamed at the girl wearing a long sleeved sweater  and hugged her "oh my holy mother of Jesus Jess what are you doing here i thought u moved!" she gently hugged back shes always been shy and kind of mysterious of course in a good was " i did but we came back and now i go here" "good god Jess ive missed u" "same with u" i really had missed her i asked her to come over after school and she agreed so i told her too meet me in the parking lot buy my mustang that read princess on the side(dad did it for my birthday) and we said are goodbyes and left we basically texted  each other until lunch when i told her to sit with me and my friends when Lucas saw her his eyes lit up and she blushed Lucas always had a thing for her well time to play match maker ;) we all sat down i could tell she was uncomfortable with sitting with the preps and jocks while i was talking to her i felt someone come up and start rubbing my shoulders and kiss my cheek i looked up and it was no other than Brendan i so i was going to give him a kiss on the cheek to be friendly and instead he turned his head and i got his lips his lips were so soft and kissable that i didn't pull away he licked my bottom lip when i was about to grant him access i heard someone yell get a room and i knew who it was i turned to Cole "nope id rather do it right here just to prove he can kiss me and u cant" i said laughing "oh sweetie we both know i could get u if i wanted to" Cole said smirking "only in your dreams Cole only in your non realistic dreams" i said getting up to go change into my cheer uniform "OK ill see you their" after u got changed u came back out but u noticed Jessica was gone so you went up to Lucas " hey lil bro wheres Jess?" "she said she had to go to the loo" as soon as you heard that u got worried and ran because you know about her self harming u ran into the bathroom to find her their with a cut on her wrist u just grabbed her and hugged her "what happened Jess are you ok" u asked really concerned " im fine just to much stress on the first day you know" she said softly "Jess give me the knife and scissors now" " no Darc im fine i just need to clean my self up she got out of your grip and washed her cut then walked out im really concerned about her. i walked out when the bell rang and headed to practice. once the day was over i headed out to my car to see Jess there but she wasn't alone she and Lucas were sucking each others faces so i pulled out my phone and starting video taping and walked towards them they were completely oblivious so i coughed they looked at me then the camera and blushed so i stopped recording i sent it to both of them and they pulled out their phone instantly blushing i told jess to go ride with her new boyfriend and she thanked me maybe this is what she needs i was about home when Brendan shouted my name "hey Darcy wait up" he said out of breath fom running "whats up Brendan?" i asked "well um prom is coming up soon and i know your a junior but im a senior and i was wonder if you Darcy Marie Styles will please do me the honor of going to prom with me"and he pulled out a bouquet of red roses from behind his back i got out and and just kissed him because that was the sweetest thing someone has ever done for me we kissed for like 2 minutes no we didnt exchange spit or tongues just a simple kiss we both backed out for air "so ill take that as a yes' he said with a smirk i just giggled and said "yes that is a definite yes and also thats the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me i kissed him again but this time only for like 10 seconds "well ok ill see u at school tomorrow Darc" "bye Brendan" and i drove home with the roses in the passenger seat you know what maybe niall wont be so hard to get over after all at least not now    

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