Age Is Just A Number

Hello my names Darcy Styles Im sixteen and my father is yes the one and only Harry Styles from the British/Irish boy band One Direction and life isnt as precious as it used to be when my dad finds out i have feeling for my uncle Niall


11. Media ruins life

*Darcy's P.O.V*

The next day i showed up at school and nobody even really looked at me so i went over to Lucas "hey why isn't anyone talking to me or even looking at me" he gives me a disgusted look "dont act like you dont know thanks to you both our reputations are ruined" he slams his locker shut im hurt and confused "Lucas i have no clue what your talking about what did i do" he got in his bag and through a magazine at me on the cover it had the picture of me and niall kissing and saying "daughter of harry styles and his best mate having a complete makeout session wonder what else goes on behind closed doors" my eyes started getting watery i sat through 4 lessons just staring at the cover by that time it was lunch so i went and sat at my usual table and Jess, Lizzie, and Emily still weren't here  yet i sat down with the people i thought were my friends but then Brendan said "oh the slut decided to join us" just then the girls walked over lizzie and emily laughed and emily said "Darcy when i told u to get in his pants i didnt think you'd actually do it" then lizzie said nothing id never expect  *cough* "slut"*cough* i just looked at Jess she looked sorry but she also just started fitting in so she pretended to laugh i just looked at them then grabbed my bag and ran i saw my cheer coach and she called me over "Hi, Darcy" "hi mrs.tiffy" "Darcy im sorry to inform you but you've been kicked off the team, the school board does not feel like they should have someone with your new reputation on the squad im sorry Darcy" my heart shattered cheer was my passion "I umm i understand bye Mrs.Tiffy" i started crying and ran to my car only to find someone keyed the word slut in the sides of my car i got out my keys and raced home when i arrived i was in tears and of course theirs the media in my yard i got out and they were surrounding me one asked "Darcy are you aware this is illegal and Mr.Horan can be going to jail at any minute that made my heart break i had to try to end this so i turned towards them "are you aware that it was just a kiss theirs nothing between us i have a boyfriend and were very happy and were trying to work through this but u stupid people and rumors are ruining my life" i yelled at one and then someone else asked whos your boyfriend i dont know why i said it but i did "Brendan Tomlinsion" i realized i just made a huge mistake saying that" i ran inside i thought my mom was at work and dad always hangs out with the mates so i ran to my room but i heard someone coming up the stairs it was my mom thank god and luckily not my dad i can only imagine what he will say about this i ran to her and we both sat on the ground she was holding my then when i stopped i told her everything and then i told her what i said to the media thats when her eyes got big " Darcy i need to call your father i need your phone my mom walked out of the room after i handed it to her there was shouting but i couldnt tell what she was saying then there was silence she came back into the room "Darcy pack some stuff were going to live with grandma till this settles down" "but what about Lucas and dad their not home yet" "their staying here honey now come on before your dad gets home please" i couldnt say no she was doing this for me and u could tell she was about to cry so i got out my suitcase and packed it was 3:30 when we were ready to go my mom said the limo would be here at 4 so we just sat their cuddling this is when i realized the media is ruining my life 

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