Age Is Just A Number

Hello my names Darcy Styles Im sixteen and my father is yes the one and only Harry Styles from the British/Irish boy band One Direction and life isnt as precious as it used to be when my dad finds out i have feeling for my uncle Niall


6. Issues and Getting ready

*Lucas's P.O.V* 

after Darcy fell asleep i got up and and grabbed the car keys yeah sure i was 15 but i know how to drive so i drove to our uncle nialls i knocked on the door he answered "hey Lucas great game today" he said as if he never did anything god hes sick how can he live with himself "you are the biggest douche bag ive ever met who takes a 16 year old virginity then tells her he loves someone else stay away from me and my sister or i will tell my parents Darcy's at home on the couch after she cried her self to sleep" i yelled i wanted to hit him but he was to far away "Listen Lucas what happened between me and your sister is over i told her im sorry what more do u people want" he said " what we want is to be a man and be honest and next time you hurt my sister i will go to the police after i take care of you" i said and with that i walked off 

*Darcys P.O.V*

I woke up to Lucas coming in he looked sweaty and angry maybe i shouldn't have told him "hey Lucas what times the party tonight?" i said "um i believe around 7 but are you sure you wanna go" he asked god he was a amazing brother "yeah im sure i need to get my mind off things anyway you know" i said with a half smile "ok well go get ready its five thirty now" and with that i took off to shower right as i was about to get in i remembered i have a photo shoot at 7:30 so i really had to hurry i would just be late to the party so i took a shower got ready they do my hair and make-up at the shoot so i just grabbed my purse after i got into my jean shorts a PINK hoodie a beanie and converse and headed out the door.

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