Age Is Just A Number

Hello my names Darcy Styles Im sixteen and my father is yes the one and only Harry Styles from the British/Irish boy band One Direction and life isnt as precious as it used to be when my dad finds out i have feeling for my uncle Niall


10. Family Meetings

*Darcy's P.O.V*

I pulled up to my house only to see uncle Louis and aunt El's car, uncle Liam and aunt Dani's car, uncle Zayn and aunt Perri's car and then Nialls this made me really nervous but i still got my roses that Brendan got me and went to the front door i was about to walk in when someone yelled "Niall u cant just go sleeping around with Darcy and leave her like that shes sixteen and is going through a rough time u practically took advantage of her u could go to jail for this ur lucky Harry isnt pressing charges or beating the crap out of u" i could tell that was uncle liam yelling but then what i heard almost killed me inside " Liam i know im lucky but i cant look at her like u guys do i dont see her as family i see her as the next Mrs.Horan" i was really happy that means he didn't think that it was a mistake but then my dad stepped in " Niall u better watch ur self don't ever say that again she will never be that" ok now its time for me to step in i barged through that door as if i was going to kill someone i walked in and dropped the roses and looked at my dad and said "even if he makes me happy" then looked at niall and said "even if i love him with all my heart" then looked back at my dad and he said "honey u don't love him u cant its not legal and what he did to u was wrong u need to understand that" i got angry im surprised smoke wasn't coming out of my ears like in the cartoons so i shot back "well i do and u cant stop me and dad i believe it was u who said age is just a number and ur the one who went out with a 30 year old so technically ur a big hypocrite" im not going to lie my dad looked a bit hurt but he has no right to tell me who i can and cant love the whole room stayed awkwardly silent until my dad spoke up "Darcy who are those roses from" wow just change the subject dad "Brendan, he asked me to prom and i said yes" then uncle Lou shouts "that advice he asked for was you it all makes sense now" but i just stood their until my brother walked in "umm i guess its a family meeting" " yea but its one that i was just leaving" i spoke softly "but first umm can i talk to u" niall asked and i agreed we walked to the park  and sat on by a tree i decided i would break the silence even though he was the one who wanted to talk "so do u still think it was a mistake" he looked at me and shook his head and said " i never did but i knew it was wrong but i cant get u off my mind all i wanna do is this" he kissed me and i kissed back without breaking the kiss i climbed and straddled him he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance which i happily granted i ran my fingers through his hair and he had both his hands on my waist i thought i saw i flash but i thought nothing of it at the time we both broke the kiss for air and i just sat their while he laid on my lap and i played with his hair i never wanted this moment to end it was perfect 

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