Age Is Just A Number

Hello my names Darcy Styles Im sixteen and my father is yes the one and only Harry Styles from the British/Irish boy band One Direction and life isnt as precious as it used to be when my dad finds out i have feeling for my uncle Niall


4. a night to remember

*Darcys P.O.V

After the girls left Lucas walked in i jumped off my bed and hugged him "thanks so much i owe you big time lil bro" i said with a smile on my face "you dont owe me anything big sis its what im hear for i called uncle niall and asked if you could stay their and i explained what happened he said yes and he will be here in twenty so get ready and freshen up u look like a monster" he said laughing walking out the door hes to much of a "man" for mushy moments so i grabbed my cheer dufflebag i packed my cheer uniform for saturdays game my flat iron my green boy short undies with the matching bra because i have a photo shoot after for saint patties day and my pencil skirt with a pink floral strapless top and make-up tooth brush tooth paste and my brush i looked at the clock it said 8:15 i had 5 minutes to spare so i fixed my hair and make-up and changed into a my short-shorts and my green PINK shirt. and right as i checked my phone the doorbell rang i put on clear lip gloss and grabbed my stuff and walked down to my dad and uncle niall arguing i coughed and nialls eyes got wide "shall we go" i asked softly "yes we shall" i walked up to my dad and gave him a hug "i love you daddy" "love you to princess i really am sorry" "i know ill see you sunday" "wait what your staying the whole weekend" he said getting upset "no daddy i have cheer camp late tomorrow and then Emilys party and even if i did whats wrong with that" i said calmly not wanting to get him angry "nothing princess take care of her niall" "i wouldnt hurt her harry" and with that we left 

*skip car ride*

we walk into his flat " hey uncle nialler can i take a shower" "of course sweetie" he called me sweetie i couldnt help but blush i ran up stairs stripped and got in the shower when i realized i didnt have a towel or was cloth and this got awkward " uncle niall i need a towel and wash cloth" i screamed their was a knock on the door the curtain was closed so i told him its all clear he sat it on the counter when i thought he left i opened the shower curtain and he was right their i quickly closed it "im so sorry i thought you left uncle niall" umm its okay Darcy completely my fault" and then i heard the door close after i was done i got out and realized i left my clothes down stairs great could this get even more awkward so i wrapped my towel around me tightly and walked dow stairs to find my bag wasnt where i left it i sighed " uncle niall wheres my bag" "in the guest room princess" i ran back up stairs and entered the guest room when i had my undergarments on i realized i dont have any pajams wow im stupid so i remembered Lucas stays here alot so i searched i found a pair of his pajama pants and i figured id just sleep in my sports bra so after i put my stuff in the closet i walked down stairs to see uncle nialler watching the telly and eating a sandwich so i went and plopped right next to him "oh i see you just wear my pajama pants i blushed "oh i thought they were my brothers im sorry do u want them back" i said flirtatiously and bit my lip "yes please and" before he could finish i took them off "umm Darc what are you doing" he said nervously " well you said you wanted them back i realized i was wearing my 'luck of the irish' bikini panties and smirked " i could of got you a different pair i just sat back on the couch and realized what i was doing to him i saw a bulge in him pants so i wanted to have a little fun "uncle niall can we watch a movie" i said with puppy dog eyes "o-of course princess" he put on the exorcism i got scared and jumped in his lap he chuckled "oh so you think its funny that im scared" i asked he laughed "of course" so i had to get him back we were watching the movie i was still in his lap when i started grinding my hips on his when i felt the bulge get bigger he looked at me "you really shouldnt do that" i smirked "do what uncle niall" i asked Innocently "your dont know what your doing to me princess" he went to talk but before he could i crashed my lips into his he immediately kissed back he flipped us so we were laying down his hands roamed all over my body i tuged on his shirt and he pulled it off my hands traced his abs then he unhooked my bra and yet never broke the kiss i started to unbutton his jeans and wiggle them down now we were both just in our underwear right as he got to the rim of my panties i broke the kiss he looked confused then i said "Niall im a virgin" i said ashamed "he picked my chin up and said " we dont have to do anything you dont want to princess" i smiled "but what if  i want to" he smiled when he was about to reply i jsut crashed my lips back into his before i knew it we were both naked and well i think you know what happened next ;) this was really a night to remember   

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