Age Is Just A Number

Hello my names Darcy Styles Im sixteen and my father is yes the one and only Harry Styles from the British/Irish boy band One Direction and life isnt as precious as it used to be when my dad finds out i have feeling for my uncle Niall


13. 2months

Darcy's pov*

*2 weeks later* 

so its been 2weeks since i started 'dating' Brendan and same with Niall and Demi the paparazzi seems to have bought it we said the thing between us was a mistake but little do they know its still going on my parents and everyone else dont now except the 2 people were 'dating' todays out 2 month anniversary and im meeting him at his place we havent done anything sexual since the first time and a girl has needs to i hope tonight something can happen but i dont want to sound like a whore right now im getting ready i strip and hop in the shower after im done i wrap my self in a towel i got and pick out my pink bebe  peplum pencil knit skirt, with my sam and lavi trista lace tank,black pumps,je taim  'paris pendant, rose earings, and a white and pink clutch.(go to it should be on my designs) i and blow dried my hair my curls went natural and then i did my make-up i went and grabbed my cheer duffel bag and packed my pajamas which was basically my baby pink colored leggings and my shirt that said 'princess' then grabbed my toiletries(make-up,brush,toothbrush,etc.), my white push up with pink polka dots bikini, teal shorts, a crop top sweater,black converse for tomorrow, and phone charger and zipped my bag up i grabbed my phone and i was set so i went down stairs "hey mommy daddy,can i go over to lizzies for a sleep over with her and em pwease!!" i asked "i guess,just dont cause trouble"my mom spoke"and stay away from the paps we've had enough drama and be respectful" my dad said "yay thanks and i will i love u both" i said grabbing my keys "bye lucas love you" "bye Darc" as i was walking out i got a text from Lucas 'oh and use protection' wait does he know i replied 'what are you talking about?!' i typed getting in my car i decided i wouldn't text drive and due so i called him and put it on speaker *ring*ring* 'hello sis' 'what do u mean bye "use protection' i asked 'mom and dad may have bought it but i know ur going to nialls' he spoke woah wtf how does he know 'umm im with brendan why would i do that' i said 'im hurt my own sister didnt even tell me her plan i had to hear it from my best friend and hear she is lying to me again' he said i laughed at his voice 'well i thought we werent telling anyone and u know i love u nerd and thanks for not telling on me' i said 'anytime i love u and DONT GET PREGNANT' he yelled the last part 'well i love u to and that would mean having to suduce him first' i said laughing 'eww ok i know hes your boyfriend but i still consider him a uncle and your my sister i dont wanna know about u dry humping someone mkay?' 'anyways love u bro im here and gonna go bye' 'bye' with that i walked up and knocked then i shirtless niall answered the door only in sweats and messed up hair god he is going to be the death of me "hey princess you know its not nice to stare" he said with a raspy voice oh god yupp im dead "well than maybe you shoudn't look so flipping sexy now should you" i said giggling "come on smarts before the paps see you" i walked in and turned and instantly crashing our lips together its been about 1 week since we kissed cause of stupid school and my job and cheer practice our lips moved in perfect sync we werent making out just kissing it lasted for about 2 minutes before we both backed out breathless "well hello to you to" he said smirking 'god i missed you" i said getting on my tip-toes wrapping my arms around his neck and pecking his lips once "mmm i missed you too happy 2 months princess" gosh i loved when he called me that "happy 2months babe" his arms snaked around my waist i buried my head in the crook of his neck while his arms snaked around me he kissed the top of my head then rested his head on it we stayed their for a few minutes just enjoying each others company "we should go put ur bag away" i just nodded and put my arms up "are you asking me to carry u upstairs" he asked laughing "yes i am now pick me up pwease baby" i said like a little kid "fine but only cause ur the best thing that ever happened to me"he said grabbing me in bridal style setting my bag on my stomach "aww stop being so cheesy its killing me"he just laughed and literally ran upstairs like i was as light as a feather and then dropped me on the bed i set my bag down "you look beautiful by the way" he said smiling "aww babe u look amazingly hot"i said blushing from his compliment and poking him on his abs he never fails to amaze me he takes his pointer finger and brings my eyes to his gaze and crashes his lips into mine this time he asked for entrance which i happily grant i kicked off my shoes while snaking my arms around him and pulling him down he puts his arms on each side of me climbing up on the bed while im scouting back never breaking the kiss we finally got to the headboard and broke the kiss after what felt like forever not that im complaining but it was only aout 10 we came out breathless he laid flat on his back and i laid on his chest with his arms wrapped around me we were both breathing heavy recovering from our previous makeout session then i noticed the sheets were messed up he must have been asleep when i came whoops hope i made up for it   

a/n hey guys i swear i will right more soon but its 3:30am and im tired i will get on after i get up tomorrow k? love u guys hope u enjoyed the chapter

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