This Love

I knew Harry I loved Harry but when he left I moved on. Events went on in my life and when he came back I was thrown in between my brother and boyfriends band and Harry's band.


10. With you

I sat up in bed and watch Harry sleep. His hair covered his face. I brushed it away. Soon the door opened and Eleanor and Danielle walked in. 

"Hey hun, how yeah feeling?" Dani asked me. 

"You want the truth or the cover up?" I asked. Her and El laughed. I got up and followed them to the living room. We sat down. 

"The truth." El said.

"I feel like shit. I just let him hit me and rape me. I didn't stop him, I've tried to be strong but I just can't. Now I'm just using Harry to hold me up, I love him with all my heart but what if he feels like I'm too needy and too broken. Right now he is all I have. I couldn't live if he left me." I told them. They nodded but a voice from behind me spoke up. 

"I would never leave you in a million years. I love you too much for that." Harry said. He picked me up and sat down with me. The girls cooed and I just rolled my eyes soon Lou and Liam walked in. 

"Told you they would be in here and Harry would be with Logan." Louis exclaimed. Liam dug $20 out of his pocket and handed it over. We all laughed. They went and sat with their girlfriends. We had a meeting with management today about busing arrangements. We waited for everyone else to file into the room. Soon Mike came in. We didn't really listen to some things that he was saying except for when the busing arrangements came in. 

"Okay so in bus number one is One Direction bus two is The Wanted, and since you Logan  you brother is in the Wanted your parents requested that you go in his bus." He said. 

"Fuck that! There is no way am I leaving Harry!" I yelled. He was shocked. 

"You have to." He said. Before Harry could grab me I stood up and started to yell. 

"No fucking way am I going on a bus with two asshole that beat me one rapes me! You can take it in the ass if you think I am going to let that happen you pretentious conceded self righteous narcissistic bastard!" I yelled, everyone was taken aback by my comments. 

"Calm down and there are only 4 bunks and one double bed in the bus number two so Nathan has already said he would share it with you..." Mike said. Nathan had a smug smile on his face. 

"No. No. No. You can't, you can't make me to that." I said fear controlling me. Before I did anything drastic Harry grabbed me and pulled me into his arms. I was shaking. Mike listed off a few other things and we got ready to go on the buses. Before we left Liam and Danielle pulled me of to the side. 

"Logan here is my phone. Take it and you can call, text and face time Harry." Liam said. I went to swipe it but it was password protection. Liam went red. 

"The password is Liamisagoodfuck. And the password for the contacts and history is IloveLiamsbigcock." Danielle told me while laughing. I started to laugh too. Liam was beet red.  

"Anyways please call us at least every 15 minutes. And Dani made those passwords not me." He said. I nodded and gave them both hugs. The Tom came up and said we had to get going. 

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