This Love

I knew Harry I loved Harry but when he left I moved on. Events went on in my life and when he came back I was thrown in between my brother and boyfriends band and Harry's band.


5. Tour

Nate held my hand as we walked to the private plane that was taking us to New York. I followed him up the stairs and already it was like world war 3. I led Nate to the couch at the back. We looked over and I saw Tom and Louis standing face to face. 

"Tom sit DOWN!" I hollared he rolled his eyes and listened. I heard Zayn and Max bickering but eventually Zayn flipped him off and came an sat across from us. He looked as if he had tears brimming his eyes. Harry was the last to enter then a large man in a suit. Which I guess was management. He was followed by two other guys which I guess were security. Zayn stood up.

"You fucking prick. Why the fuck would you use those assholes for our opening act." He yelled. Out of all the boys no matter what Zayn was the most terrifing. 

"SIT DOWN ALL OF YOU." The man's voice boomed. Everyone backed down except for Zayn. He stood his ground. One of the security guys went to grab him. They ended up in a fight. The huskey security guard could barely land a hit on him. The other one came in and ended up restraining him. His hair hung loosely and he had a bloodly nose and split lip. He pulled and the ties. 

"Fuck you  Mike, Fuck you. I quit." He spat. Mike walked over and hit him.

"You can't. You signed a 5 year contract you can't back out." He spat. He started to talk to everyone else. After he left the plane started to move. Blood was still pouring out of his fine features. I stood up and walked to the first aid kit. I pulled it out and walked over. Tom caught my arm. "What are you doing, you heard Mike." He warned.

"Yes I did and I'm not part of a band. I found a loop hole." I said and walked over to Zayn closing the door. "I'm Logan." I said.

"Zayn... and you don't have to do this." He said. I chuckled cutting the ties with  the scisoors.

"Just because my brother and boyfriend hate you guys doesn't mean that I do. In fact Harry and I used to be best friends." I said. I finally got the ties loose and now moved to clean up his nose. "What did Max say earlier?" I asked quietly.

"He said that I'm a good for nothing Paki terrorist. That by just me being on a plane is a security risk. He also called mother and my girlfriend whores, I have had enough of his bullshit. He also said he fucked my sister. My older one. Like honestly he has nothing original but it still hurts ya know?" He said. I told him to hold the ice to his face. I opened the door and stormed up to Max. Out of the Wanted he was the most volatile. I slapped him hard on the face. A few times. He stood up and I went to slap him again but he grabbed my wrist. I whimpered in pain. He free hand came across my face. I let out a scream. I fell to the floor. Blood trickled down from where his nails broke the skin. Nate went straight to me. 

"hun, oh my god I'm gonna kill him." He spat. I grabbed onto his shirt. "No... I don't want you getting hurt." I whimpered. He carried me into the back. Zayn shot up. 

"Zayn can you please give us a minute." Nathan asked.

"Who hit her?" He asked.

"Za-" but Nate was cut off. 

"Who hit her?" He asked.

"Max." Nate answered. Zayn's face turned red. He left the room and I heard yelling.

"You fucking think it's alright to hit a woman? Really I thought you were messed up but not this much." Zayn yelled. We then heard sounds like punching. It soon went silent.

"That will teach you to never hit her or any other girl ever again." I heard Zayn say. Liam came into the room. 

"Hi." He said. The three of us sat down and talked.  

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