This Love

I knew Harry I loved Harry but when he left I moved on. Events went on in my life and when he came back I was thrown in between my brother and boyfriends band and Harry's band.


7. Morning

I got up and my lower area started to throb. I grabbed clothes and make up and walked out to Harry's room. I knocked and Harry opened. I had my hair in my face to cover the brusies. 

"Can I use your shower?" I asked. 

"Sure love but what's the matter with yours?" He asked.

"I didn't want to wake up Nathan." I told him. He nodded unsure. I walked to the bathroom and closed the door. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that my body was littered with bruises. There were light faint ones the swollen black ones that hurt. A soft sob escaped my lips when I noticed that my inner thighs had blood on them. A knock came to the door. 

"Logan are you alright?" Louis asked. 

"Yes." I said weakly. I filled the tub with water and found a razor. I slipped into the water. I dragged the blade across my wrists. One I cut especially deep. I yelped in pain. I prayed that no one heard. I felt the blood rush out of me. And I lowered my self into the pink water. Once fully under Harry kicked the door open. I felt his warm strong hands lift me out of the water. Towels were instantly pressed to my wrists. 

"No." I protested.

"Logan you were not gonna die on that bridge and you certainly are not dying now. Oh my god Logan why are you covered in bruises." He asked frantically.

"I fell." I lied. I kept my legs closed. And that area guarded. He noticed. He picked me up and gave me a shirt. I slid it on. He quickly grabbed my legs and opened them. He flew back. I closed them. He started to cry. He came over to me and held me. I sobbed violently into his shirt. Louis came in and Harry told him everything. Louis grabbed a lamp and threw it across the room. I jumped. "We are never gonna let anyone touch you again." Louis promised.

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