This Love

I knew Harry I loved Harry but when he left I moved on. Events went on in my life and when he came back I was thrown in between my brother and boyfriends band and Harry's band.


11. Highway to Hell

I walked onto the bus and Nate pulled me into a corner.

"Give me your phone." He spat I pulled out my phone and handed it over. He slapped me. I fell to the ground. Siva got on the bus next and helped me up. 

"I'm fine." I said before walking up to Tom. "Can I sit in your bunk?" I asked him. He nodded. I scurried off. I crawled into a corner. I slid Liam's phone out of my pants and unlocked it. I had a message from Harry. 

To Logan

From Haz<3

Hey Liam... I don't know what to do about Logan. I'm sure they took her phone and I just want to protect her. but I can't! What do I do? :(

He didn't know that Liam gave me his phone. 

To Haz<3

From Logan

Hey baby already taken care of. Don't worry, I will dream of your curls.

I sent him knowing he would be freaked out. Then Dani wanted to face time me I answered and watched Harry's reaction to the text. 

"Uhh Liam.... why are you going to dream of my curls.... it's a little weird. And why did you call me baby?" He asked in utter confusion. Liam went bright red. Then he looked at the text. 

"Oh right yeah I gave her my phone to talk to you." He said. Harry smiled really brightly and scurried off into the bunks. I said bye to Dani and continued to text Harry.

To Logan

From Haz<3

Babe you really freaked me out! Are you okay?

"Logan get out here NOW!" Max hollered. I quickly texted him back.

To Haz<3

From Logan

Yeah bby Im fin but I gtg they want me. I lov you so much bby <3

I locked the phone and got out of the bunk. I walked into the living room and Max grabbed my arm and threw me into the room in the back. He shut the door behind him and locked it. Before I could scream someone tied and tie around my mouth. I was thrown onto the bed by Nate. He flipped me so my stomach was to the mattress. He quickly tied my wrists to the bed. I felt my pants being ripped off. I squirmed and cried. I heard his pants drop to the floor. I looked over to see him grab a bottle out of the drawer. He moved back. He squirted a cold liquid onto my asshole and inserted himself. I was trying to scream I tried to fight back but I couldn't. He finished and left the room. Soon someone else came in. He whispered something in my ear. I knew then that it was Max. He did the same thing in my ass but he repeated with my vagina with out the lube. He finished and this time no one came back to untie me or use me. I laid there crying, and feeling so worthless. 

I wished Harry was here to save me. I eventually cried myself asleep. 

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