This Love

I knew Harry I loved Harry but when he left I moved on. Events went on in my life and when he came back I was thrown in between my brother and boyfriends band and Harry's band.


6. Harry and Nathan

Nathan and Tom had to go to a interview which left me to spend the day with One Direction. Liam and Louis flew their girl friends out for the weekend so they were with them. Niall and Zayn we out touring the city. Harry came into the room and sat next to me. 

"Logan...." He said.

"Yeah Harry?" I asked.

"Are we still friends?" He asked unsure.

"Best of.... " I said. He smiled brightly and his eyes had their spark return. He grabbed my hand then realized it his hand retreated. I grabbed it back. "It's holding hands Haz not having sex." I joked, he turned a deep shade of red. We talked for a few hours then put on finding Nemo. About half way through the movie I fell asleep snuggled up to him. 

I woke up when I was pulled harshly off of Harry. My eyes shot open Nathan was standing above me seething with anger. Fear filled me. I stood up. Nate ordered Harry to leave I gave Harry a look telling him to. After the door shut Nate hit me. 

"Listen here bitch you are mine." He spat. He hit me again and I fell to the floor, tears spilling out of my eyes. He grabbed my arms harshly and lifted me up I whimpered in pain. 

"Nate please stop you're hurting me." I begged. He tossed me onto the bed and climbed ontop of me. 

"Your not gonna tell any one are you?" He asked I shook my head no. He nodded. That night I experienced something that no girl wants to... rape. 

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