This Love

I knew Harry I loved Harry but when he left I moved on. Events went on in my life and when he came back I was thrown in between my brother and boyfriends band and Harry's band.


8. Don't Ever Leave Me

I held onto Harry. He was still crying. "Haz why are you crying." I asked.

"Because he hurt you, I didn't stop him, he was mad at you because of me. I'm so sorry Logan. I can imagine what you are going through." He said while holding me. I stroked his dark brown soft curls.I pressed my lips to his fore head. We held each other even tighter. Louis answered a knock at the door. Liam, Zayn, Niall and Tom walked in. 

"Oh my god Logy what happened? Who did this to you?" Tom asked franitcally. I let go of Harry and ran into my brothers arms. He held me protectivly. I let go of him and raced back to Harry. Now Jay was in the room he stopped me. Jay was like another brother to me I knew it was him and that he only wanted to comfort me but as soon as he grabbed my wrist, I fell to the ground.

"Harry.." I whimpered. With in seconds Harry had me in his arms. I was crying softly. Harry gently rocked me back and forth. 

"Hey what's going on?" Siva and Max asked walking into the room. Harry's shirt was smooth and flat. I struggled to grab onto it. I finally got a hold of it and pulled my self closer to him. He lifted me up. He sat on a chair with me in his arms. I collected my self. 

"Hun what happened?" Tom asked again. I took a deep breath. Before I could say anything Nathan walked in. He looked straight at me. 

"Oh my god babe what happened?" He asked. His eyes told me to lie. 

"I fell." I said giggleing. Harry tensed. 

"Don't fucking lie. We all saw the way you reacted when Jay grabbed your hand. I saw everything. Your vagina doesn't bleed and gets covered in cuts from a fall!" Harry yelled. I winced. His expression and tone softened. "Logan when are you going to realize I won't let him hurt you again. If you don't say it I will." He said. 

"Tommy.... h-h-he r-r-raped m-m-me." I whimpered. 

"Styles." Nate growled. Harry handed me to Louis and stood up. He knew I wouldn't let go of his shirt so he slipped it off. He loomed over Nathan. "What did you fucking say?" Harry dared him to repeat himself. 

"I was merely saying that you have always wanted her. Now you have put in her head that I raped her. He wanted it rough. She wanted to spice up our sex life. I agreed. After she could barely walk and that's when she fell. I thought you would do things to get her to be yours but this is just low styles just low." He spat. " Logan come on we are going back to our room. Now." He said in a threatening tone. Harry stared at me with pleading eyes. Along with the rest of the One Direction boys. I hung my head low and followed him out. I walked in first shaking in fear. Nate shut the door and locked it. He hit me hard across the face. I fell to the floor. 

"How dare you?" He spat. He started to beat me. Tears flooded out of my eyes as I shielded my self. He grabbed my hair and lifted me up. "You don't deserve to cry you stupid slut. Next time you cry things will get way worse." He snarled. I nodded and he left me on the floor. His phone rang. He answered it. 

"Hey Tom.- Yeah she is fine- She was just a little confused- yeah she is asleep now- yeah I will just leave a note for her- okay bye-" He said. I could only hear his side of the conversation. He looked at me.

"I'm going out for a drink. You better be in bed when I come home." He said. I nodded. He kissed me on the forehead. "I love you, you know that it's just sometimes you are really selfish you don't think. I love you so much Logan." He said. Tears pricked my eyes. I blinked them away. "I love you..." I whispered. He left. I crawled into my bed. Tears threatening to fall. A knock came at the door. I got up and opened it. Jay stepped in. The dark light hid my bruises. He flicked on the lights. 

"Don't try to tell me you fell again. Tom wanted me to check on you......He knew something was up." Jay said. I broke down. Sobs racked my body. He held onto me. He carried me to Harry's room. Harry opened the door. His hair was all over the face, his eye red and swollen from crying. He snatched me away from Jay. Louis motioned for Jay to come in. Harry held me on his hip and grabbed some sweats and a jumper. 

"Harry do you want me to hold her?" Jay questioned. 

"Back off." Harry hissed. Harry set me down on the dresser. "Okay Logan I promise you I'm not trying anything. I just want to see what he did to you." He said. I nodded. His voice was gentle I nodded. He took off my shirt. He held my arm gently. His eyes scanned over my bruised upper body. He carefully put his purple jack wills over me. He grabbed the hem of my jeans and pulled them off. He looked carefully over my skin. Tears filled his eyes. He gently put on the pants over my bruised legs. "My beautiful baby girl." He whispered. 

"Please don't ever leave me....." I said. He cupped my face. He leaned in. Our lips grazed each others. "Never." He went to kiss me but I turned away. He sighed. He picked me up and carried me to the bed. He laid me down. He wrapped his arms around me. I snuggled deep into his chest. 

"Jesus.... He is like he is in his own world." Jay mumbled. 

"Piss off she is my world." Harry spat holding onto me tighter. Louis just chuckled. I fell asleep  to the sound of his heart beat. 

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