This Love

I knew Harry I loved Harry but when he left I moved on. Events went on in my life and when he came back I was thrown in between my brother and boyfriends band and Harry's band.


13. Deterioration

*One Week Later*

Logan's POV

After that night on the bus Harry was awfully quiet. I saw a huge difference in him. He was quiet, conserved, shy. He wasn't the cheeky confident Harry Styles that I once knew. I forced him to keep track of his weight and within the week he has lost 15 lbs. He is getting too skinny. His cheeks were a little sunken and he was incredibly pale. Louis is like me, we are worried shitless about him. He locks himself in the bathroom and cries. He thinks that we don't notice but we do. We were at the venue in Vancouver for rehearsals. 

Louis came running up to me. 

"Logan have you seen Harry?" He asked frantically. 

"No why." I asked. He showed me Harry's tweets. 

@HarryStyles: He put that bottle to his head and pulled the trigger

@HarryStyles: Life is short but this time it was bigger than the strength he had to get up off his knees

@HarryStyles: Help, I have done it again I have been here many times before Hurt myself again today And the worst part is there's no one else to blame

@HarryStyles: This Is Not Fair, I Am Beyond Repair Coz Of You Blood On My Sleeve,I Give More Then You Need.....Yes I Do

@HarryStyles: I'm sorry that I was never good enough.... I'm sorry I really tried. @LoGaNpArKeR I'm sorry....I love you.


His first three tweets were references from the songs, Whiskey Lullaby, Breathe Me, and Poisoned with Love. All of the essentially songs about suicide. I dialed Harry's number it went to voice mail. 

"EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR 5 MINUTES." I screamed into a megaphone everyone stopped. I dialed it again and heard his ring. I sprinted off in its direction with Louis hot on my tail. I made it down to a hallway. I heard the ringing in his dressing room. Louis kicked the door in. I saw his wrists and hips covered in blood. He was lying next to an empty bottle of bleach. He was fading in and out. I hovered over him. Louis dialed 911. He put pressure on the cuts. I sat him up. 

"stop.... let me die." He whispered. Louis grew angry. 

"Fuck you Harry! You are not fucking dying now. I won't let you. You can't die!" He sobbed. 

"Harry you are going to hate me but I am sorry." I told him before I stuck two fingers down his throat. I felt his throat clench. I saw his stomach ripple and seize. I retracted my hand and bent him over a can. I held his hair as he violently vomited. It smelled like bleach. I laid back the vomiting taking a toll on him. I repeated the motion. 2 twice before I started to see mucus and stomach acid. Louis was crying. The paramedics came in and loaded him onto a stretcher. 

"He is going to hate me...." I whispered. 

"No... You saved his life." Louis said. 

"You don't understand. I hated him every time he saved me. I wanted to die, I wanted it. He took away the one thing that I could control the one thing that I had the power over. I hated him and I resent him even now for it. He won't forgive either of us for a long time Louis. By doing what we did we took away the last thing he had to call his." I said. Louis looked at me.

"You think that I don't know what it's like to have that feeling. Trust me Logan I have more in common with you then you will ever know." He said. We got up and headed to the hospital. We sat outside of his door till the doctor came out. 

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