This Love

I knew Harry I loved Harry but when he left I moved on. Events went on in my life and when he came back I was thrown in between my brother and boyfriends band and Harry's band.


3. Band Wars

"Babe come here I was worried sick." Nate said pulling him into a hug. I inhaled his scent. I loved him don't get me wrong but my feelings for Harry were slowly creeping back. He kissed my forehead and held me. 

"Styles, Hommolinson." Tom snarled. Louis stiffened. If looks could kill Harry would have slaughtered him. 

"Tom shut up, ya prick. Harry and Louis are my friends leave them alone." I spat. Nathan knew better to get involved or I probably wouldn't talk to him for a week. Tom sent me a look.

"Logan stay out of this." Tom said. 

"Tom go wait in the car we will be down." Nathan said. Tom sighed but listened. "I'm chill with you three being friends but touch her and I will make you life hell." He spat. Harry scoffed. 

"Ok sure you and what army, cause I sure as hell know I can do a lot worse." Harry spat. I was surprised. "Nathan you think you and your little band scare us. Well trust me, you even dare to try anything and there will be millions of people after you. Oh and Nathan tell Max and Tom that next time they want to call us out on live tv we will fight back." He snarled. I was shocked that he was acting this way. 

"Okay Harry lay off my boyfriend. If you really were my friend then you would learn to be respectful at least in my presence. You've changed Harry. And not for the better." I said. I whispered for Nate to meet me in the car. He nodded. "Harry fame changed you. What happened to my best friend?" I asked.

"He grew tried of seeing you with another guy. He grew tired of waiting for the girl he loved and loves to open her god damn eyes and see what's best for her. I've made mistakes and yes one of them was leaving you but I regret everything. I love you god damn it. I want you, I need you. Logan please don't leave me. Please stay with me be mine." He pleaded. I was utterly shocked. 

"Harry, you had your chance three years ago but I love Nathan. You might have saved me from jumping but he was there for me the past three years while I cried over you, he held me after I cut because the one person I cared most about left me all alone with no goodbye, he was there he loved me, he showed me, you didn't. Goodbye Harry." I said. I turned and walked down the hall which was now filled with Harry's cries. I got into the car and the tension in the car was unbeliveable. 

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